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Taiwan and China presidents to hold historic meeting post civil war

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china taiwanBeijing : The leaders of Taiwan and China have scheduled their agenda with a purpose of creating history by meeting together, for the first time since Chinese civil war ended in 1949. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeouwould alter the protocol and address each other as ‘Mister’ rather than their usual honorific titles, and would have dinner together after the meeting. the meeting would however not convert into any sort of deakl-signing agreement, but aims at building the long-separated bridge between the two since the end of civil wars, many decades ago.

China and Taiwan (officially the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China) separated in 1949 after the fallout of Communist victory in the civil war. The rift has ever since stayed, sometimes widened by land disputes, such as island region of Taiwan – which China still considers the a breakaway province and warns Taiwan of a formal declaration of independence, which could lead to military intervention. China has made its words supported with actions, as evident from the everready missiles pointed at the island till date.

However, despite the rift, China has been Taiwan’s biggest trade partner with massive exchange of trader from both sides. Also, communication and transport network has been maintained fully operation between the two sides, as hundreds of flights fill the skies between the two nations each week. On the business expansion front, China has taken major leap in the financial sector and invested heavily on banking sector as a result of which many Chinese banks have become fully functional in Taiwan and operate on the island. On a quid pro quo, Taiwan has spread its business wings and invaded the Chinese manufacturing industry by setting up a large number of factories in China which are fully owned by Taiwanese companies, and functioning healthily and contributing to the revenues of both countries appropriately.