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Australia acts on dual citizenship menace to curb militancy

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Australia +  EUMelbourne : Worried about what happens when militants return to their home base, Australia has coded and passed new laws to protect the country against menace of dual citizenship. In a major move to combat terrorism breeding from within Australian soil, Australia has taken a decision to strip dual nationals convicted or suspected of terror offences of citizenship.Passed via a bill, approved by both sides of the upper house on Thursday, this bill is one of the several comprehensive and immediate-effect measures introduced to fight violent extremism and its aftermath on peace and normalcy of citizens in Australia.

An information provided by Attorney-General George Brandis revealed that the laws would apply in ‘very limited circumstances’. Coming at a time when more than 90 Australians are believed to be fighting with militant groups such as the so-called Islamic State, wherein about half of them are thought to be dual nationals, this move is a major damage-control step taken by the government to curb the disrupt. Australia is increasingly concerned about the impact on its domestic security of those who support or fight with militants in the Middle East. Brandis elaborated — Dual nationals who engage in terrorism are betraying their allegiance to this country and do not deserve to be Australian citizens.

The attorney informed the senate it was a significant piece of legislation which would enhance Australia’s counter terrorism architecture. The law is jacketed and does not allow for anyone to be left stateless. This latest move is an act of amendment to the earlier format of bill which was introduced to the lower house in June. Anticipating resistance, this step stands to increase its chances of surviving an expected challenge in the Australian High Court. Earlier too, Australian Constitutional experts had said the bill was flawed, but Brandis clarified the legislation was as strong as they could make it from a constitutional point of view.

Mizoram govt announces cash reward for info on terrorists

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mizoram forceAizawl : A cash reward for information terrorists in Mizoram has been announced by ruling government in the state. Mizoram government has announced a cash reward of Rs one lakh each for anyone giving information in connection with five terrorists of Manipur-based Hmar People’s Convention (Democrats) who were involved in the ambush of members of a state assembly committee on March 28.

The attack had rendered fatalities of force personnel as three policemen were killed in the ambush of team of state legislature’s committee. Terrorists had attacked police personnel and an encounter took place between terrorists and force personnel which resulted in fatal injuries to both sides. The great loss to police team stirred the government and thus triggered off search operation. Certain tip offs have been gathered, but specific information regarding Manipur and Lalchanwala terrorists is still wanting. The militants are – Thanglawmvel, Rinsang and Lalrohuol all of them from Manipur and Lalchawimawia and Jacob, both from Mizoram.

One of the leaders of the Hmar militants was an ex-police personnel. This person named Malsawmkima ambushed the team of assembly committee. He was the one who had deserted state armed police some time back. This militant was caught in the ambush and trapped in police net. Police force gunned him down in an encounter  on May 8 inside Manipur. In case of Reuben Lalrammawia, another militant involved in ambush, a similar scenario evolved when he got arrested on September 22 at Hmarkhawlien village in Assam while commander of the group Lalbiakliana was nabbed inside Manipur on October 16.

State Home Minister R. Lalzirliana said there could never be peace negotiations with HPC (D) unless the latter returned all weapons snatched from policemen in March 28 ambush. The cash reward is viewed as a motivating temptation for localites to shed their scare and come forward to share info which they have been holding, just in case.

Security forces bust a terrorist hideout in Poonch

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armsSrinagar : Security forces have busted a terrorist hideout and confiscated huge quantity of arms and ammunitions in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. The force received inputs of arms cache stacked up in the hideout within Poonch section of J and K state. Authentic intel made the army personnel track down exact location of stacking of arms, which had been kept under a hideout in the intimated area. Acting on specific information, a joint operation was launched by Rashtriya Rifles and Police in the general area of Rajada forest last evening in which a militant hideout was busted.

The recoveries from the hideout, include one AK-56 rifle with a magazine and 550 rounds, one Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL), two UBGL grenades, one pistol with three magazines, six grenades, five grenade fuse, 63 rounds of 9mm and one transistor. Having been able to dislodge the stacking and recover it into safe custody, a defence spokesperson stated that such recovery of arms, ammunition and other war-like stores have thwarted the nefarious designs of terrorists.

Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir has been target zone for terrorist activities in past, and has often posed threat to peace and harmony of the state. The arms cache recovered from terrorist hideout in Poonch has brought military under high alert in the region around the confiscated hideout.

Indian forces can’t defend against terrorists says Farooq Abdullah

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border india pakNew Delhi : National Conference President Farooq Abdullah revisited  his experiments with freedom of expression a day earlier, and took it a step forward today when he said that the Indian forces, in his opinion, do not have the defence capability in them to shield an armor against terrorists and militants on the prowl. A day earlier, on Friday, Abdullah had stated that PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) was with Pakistan and that war was not an option. Today, he made an effort to add clarification to his yesterday’s remarks, but spoke in the direction of same chain of thoughts. In his exact words, this is what the Former J and K CM stated  — PoK will be a part of Pakistan, J&K will be a part of India. It is not something new that I have said. All of India’s forces can’t defend against terrorists and militants.

While political opinions across the board slammed Abdullah’s remarks, the Senior Abdullah found support from his son, Omar, the former J and K CM, who defended him saying that this was the long-standing belief of his father. Further, Abdullah added that the interaction between people across borders should be increased, instead of focusing on territorial disputes. He said, ‘People to people contact is essential. That is how fear is fought.’

India and Pakistan have fought three wars since independence and partition in 1947, two over Kashmir. The disputed frontier is one of the world’s most heavily militarized regions.Border clashes and ceasefire violations at the Line of Control also pose a constant risk of escalation of tension between the two countries.