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State sponsored terrorism is the biggest threat: Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the Majlis - the Parliament of Maldives in Male on 8 June 2019
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the Majlis – the Parliament of Maldives in Male on 8 June 2019

Malé: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said while addressing the People’s Majlis during his State Visit to Maldives on June 8 2019 that the litmus test for today’s leadership is the way they deal with the dark forces of terrorism and radicalisation.

The international community has actively arranged for global Convention and many conferences on the grave threat of climate change, Modi pointed out asking why not a similar global response on the issue of terrorism?

Modi called upon all global institutions and all leading nations to organise a global conference on terrorism within a stipulated time-frame, so that there could be meaningful and result-oriented discussions for plugging the loopholes that terrorists and their supporters exploit. If we delay action any further, our current and future generations will never forgive us, he opined

Stating that there are many emerging challenges from the disruptions caused by technological advancement, shifts in the axis of economic and strategic power in a multi-polar world, competition and rivalry, Modi said.

Reflecting on the grave issue of terrorism, Modi said it is a very big challenge. This is not a challenge faced by one nation or region only. It is a challenge for all humankind. Not a day goes by when the horrific face of terrorism does not show itself, and takes an innocent life somewhere. Terrorists do not own banks. They don’t have their own mints, nor armament factories. But neither money nor weapons seem to be in short supply for them. Where do they get these from? Who provides them the facilities they need?

Without naming Pakistan, the Indian Prime Minister said that State sponsorship of terrorism is the biggest threat.

It is indeed extremely unfortunate that even now some people resort to the fallacy of distinguishing between the so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terrorists. We have lost enough time debating these artificial differences. It is now no more tolerable. All forces supporting humanity must come together to effectively fight terrorism.

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