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India of 2017 will resist China’s old encroachment strategy: Both need adjustment to realities

Major General S B Asthana, SM, VSM Tom McGregor, CCTV.com commentator and editor, based in Beijing in Sputniknews,  June 29, 2017, observes that Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stand tall as charismatic leaders, who seek to lead their nations with patriotic sentiments. Beijing and New Delhi see themselves as giants

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US strikes Syria – A wild card Entry: What does it mean to the World?

Source: IHS Jane’s Conflict Monitor as of April 4 and The Washington Post Major General S B Asthana,SM,VSM On April 04, 2017, the humanity was shamed when 86 civilians including innocent women and children succumbed to a tragic painful death, due to a chemical attack involving use of banned Sarin gas. As per US, the

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