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The Rise and Rise of Narendra Modi – Early History

Rajiv Lochan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the Indian troops, during his visit to Nimu in Ladakh on July 03, 2020.

Riots had happened in Gujarat. Narendra Modi had been appointed Chief Minister just a few months ago. He had been parachuted into the State of which he had no experience because the local party machinery was rift with feuds and corruption, much like their opponents in the Indian National Congress.

The first challenge before Modi was to contain the riots, ensure that justice was done and provide people with the necessary moral support so that they may overcome the trauma of the riot.

Prime Minister Atal Bihar Vajpayee arrived in Gujarat to counsel Modi. ‘Stick to Raj Dharma’ Shri Vajpayee said. Modi of course did whatever he thought was needed to be done. He was no mass leader. Yet, he reached out to people. Talked to them. Convinced them that no injustice would be allowed to go unpunished. And of course he put extraordinary pressure on the government machinery to ensure that justice was done to everyone, that government help reached to all in a fair and just manner.

The big test for Modi came when elections were declared a few months later. At the advise of Modi the BJP decided to launch the election campaign from a far-off tribal village, especially one that had never ever voted for the BJP before. Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. Advani had to be convinced that this was a good idea. For both of them the most important thing was that going to a distant village would be traumatic. The living conditions in these far off tribal villages were really not up to the high standards of comfort that both the ageing leaders had come to expect. Moreover, these forest villages had extreme weather conditions. That was one of the reasons why only a small number of tribals lived here and everyone else migrated to the towns.

At Modi’s insistence, the start of the election campaign from this remote tribal village was tom-tomed as a great event. Not too many journalists, though, bothered to come here to cover what they imagined to be a non-event. One who did come was a strong Congress supporting journalist who ended up in Chandigarh later on. His report in the Times of India gave a glimpse of things to come. After giving a thick description of the gathering in the tribal village, Harish Khare reported that Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat got up to speak. The crowd listened to him in rapt attention. Then they walked off. Very few waited to hear the Prime Minister of India or the most powerful man in the BJP.

Harish Khare effectively noted, and I think this is the first such note, that maybe Vajpayee and Advani have had their day. The next big leader on the national stage in India is going to be Narendra Modi.

The only ones to take note of Khare’s observations were the top leaders of the Congress party. They began to target Modi. Much to their dislike, despite their best efforts, once Modi did declare his intention to take on national level responsibilities, the people of India, in large masses, came forward to help him become the Prime Minister of India.

Rajiv Lochan is a renowned scholar, historian and columnist

Advani, Joshi, Uma and others get bail in Ayodhya demolition case

Lucknow: The Special CBI Court today granted bail to all the 12 accused, including veteran BJP leaders LK Advani, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi and Union Minister Uma Bharti in the Ayodhya demolition case.

The accused appeared in the court of Special Judge (Ayodhya matter) Surendra Kumar Yadav, who granted them bail on a personal bond of Rs. 50,000 each.

At the outset during framing of charges, the counsel for the BJP leaders sought the dropping of conspiracy charge against them

Babri Demolition case: LK Advani, Uma Bharti, and Murli Manohar Joshi will be tried for conspiracy

Newsroom24x7 Staff

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today allowed a CBI appeal against an order of the Allahabad High Court linked with the demolition of the Babri Masjid structure and directed that the Court of Sessions will frame additional charge of conspiracy against Union Minister Uma Bharti, senior ruling BJP leades L.K. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, along with Vinay Katiar, Sadhvi Ritambara and Vishnu Hari Dalmia.

While quashing the High Court order, the Supreme Court has said that the proceedings in Crime No. 198/92, RC.1(S)/92/SICIV/ND in the Court of the Special Judicial Magistrate at Rae Bareilly will stand transferred to the Court of Additional Sessions Judge (Ayodhya Matters) at Lucknow.

Today’s order was passed by a two Judge bench comprising Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose and Justice R.F. Nariman in response to an appeal by the Central Bureau of Investigation arising out of the demolition of Babri Masjid. This case was linked with two FIRs lodged on 6 December, 1992. The first viz. Crime No.197 of 1992, is against lakh kar sewaks accused of dacoity, robbery, causing of hurt, injuring/defiling places of public worship, promoting enmity between two groups on grounds of religion, etc. The IPC offences were, therefore, under Sections 153-A, 295, 297, 332, 337, 338, 395 and 397.

The Supreme Court has issued the following directions:

L.K. Advani

The Court of Sessions will frame an additional charge under Section 120-B against L.K. Advani, Vinay Katiar, Uma Bharati, Sadhvi Ritambara, Murli Manohar Joshi and Vishnu Hari Dalmia. The Court of Sessions will frame additional charges under Section 120-B and the other provisions of the Penal Code mentioned in the joint charge sheet filed by the CBI against Champat Rai Bansal, Satish Pradhan, Dharam Das, Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, Mahamadleshwar Jagdish Muni, Ram Bilas Vadanti, Vaikunth Lal Sharma @ Prem, and Dr. Satish Chandra Nagar. Kalyan Singh, being the Governor of Rajasthan, is entitled to immunity under Article 361 of the Constitution as long as he remains Governor of Rajasthan. The Court of Sessions will frame charges and move against him as soon as he ceases to be Governor.

Uma Bharti

The Court of Sessions will, after transfer of the proceedings from Rae Bareilly to Lucknow and framing of additional charges, within four weeks, take up all the matters on a day-to-day basis from the stage at which the trial proceedings, both at Rae Bareilly and at Lucknow, are continuing, until conclusion of the trial. There shall be no de novo trial. There shall be no transfer of the Judge conducting the trial until the entire trial concludes. The case shall not be adjourned on any ground except when the Sessions Court finds it impossible to carry on the trial for that particular date. In such an event, on grant of adjournment to the next day or a closely proximate date,
reasons for the same shall be recorded in writing.

The Sessions Court will complete the trial and deliver the judgment within a period of 2 years from the date of receipt of this judgment.

The CBI has been asked by the apex Court to ensure that on every date fixed for evidence, some prosecution witnesses must remain present, so that for want of witnesses the matter be not adjourned.

Click here for Supreme Court order

Padma awards for Advani, Bachchan and Bill Gates

Newsroom24x7 Desk

lk-advani-Amitabh-BachchanNew Delhi, Jan. 25: Government of India tonight announced the Padma Awards. The Padma Awards – one of the highest civilian Awards of the country, are conferred in three categories, namely, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. The Awards are given in various disciplines/ fields of activities, viz.- art, social work, public affairs, science and engineering, trade and industry, medicine, literature and education, sports, civil service, etc. ‘Padma Vibhushan’ is awarded for exceptional and distinguished service; ‘Padma Bhushan’ for distinguished service of high order and ‘Padma Shri’ for distinguished service in any field. The awards are announced on the occasion of Republic Day every year.

These awards are conferred by the President of India at ceremonial functions which are held at Rashtrapati Bhawan usually around March/ April every year. This year the President of India has approved conferment of Padma Awards to 104 persons as per the list below. The list comprises of 9 Padma Vibhushan, 20 Padma Bhushan and 75 Padma Shri Awardees.  17 of the awardees are women and the list also includes 17 persons from the category of foreigners, NRIs, PIOs and 4 Posthumous awardees.

Padma Vibhushan


S. No. Name of the Awardee Discipline State/Domicile 
1. Shri L. K. Advani Public Affairs Gujarat
2. Shri Amitabh Bachchan Art Maharashtra
3. Shri Prakash Singh Badal Public Affairs Punjab
4. Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade Social Work Karnataka
5. Shri Mohammad Yusuf Khan alias Dilip Kumar Art Maharashtra
6. Shri Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Swami Rambhadracharya Others Uttar Pradesh
7. Prof. Malur Ramaswamy Srinivasan Science and Engineering Tamil Nadu
8. Shri Kottayan K. Venugopal  Public Affairs Delhi
9. Shri Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan (Foreigner) Trade and Industry France/UK

Padma Bhushan


1. Shri Jahnu Barua  Art Assam
2. Dr. Vijay Bhatkar  Science and Engineering Maharashtra
3. Shri Swapan Dasgupta Literature and Education Delhi
4. Swami Satyamitranand Giri Others Uttar Pradesh
5. Shri N. Gopalaswami Civil Service Tamil Nadu
6. Dr. Subhash C. Kashyap Public Affairs Delhi
7. Dr. (Pandit) Gokulotsavji Maharaj    Art Madhya Pradesh
8. Dr. Ambrish  Mithal Medicine Delhi
9. Smt. Sudha Ragunathan Art Tamil Nadu
10. Shri Harish Salve Public Affairs Delhi
11. Dr. Ashok Seth Medicine Delhi
12. Shri Rajat Sharma Literature and Education Delhi
13. Shri Satpal Sports Delhi
14. Shri Shivakumara Swami Others Karnataka
15. Dr. Kharag Singh Valdiya Science and Engineering Karnataka
16. Prof. Manjul Bhargava(NRI/PIO) Science and Engineering  USA
17. Shri David Frawley (Vamadeva)(Foreigner) Others  USA
18. Shri Bill Gates(Foreigner) Social Work  USA
19. Ms. Melinda Gates (Foreigner) Social Work  USA
20. Shri Saichiro Misumi(Foreigner) Others  Japan



Padma Shri

1. Dr. Manjula Anagani Medicine Telangana
2. Shri S. Arunan Science and Engineering Karnataka
3. Ms. Kanyakumari Avasarala Art Tamil Nadu
4. Dr. Bettina Sharada Baumer Literature and Education Jammu and Kashmir
5. Shri Naresh Bedi Art Delhi
6. Shri Ashok Bhagat Social Work Jharkhand
7. Shri Sanjay Leela Bhansali Art Maharashtra
8. Dr. Lakshmi Nandan Bora Literature and Education Assam
9. Dr. Gyan  Chaturvedi Literature and Education Madhya Pradesh
10. Prof. (Dr.) Yogesh Kumar Chawla Medicine Chandigarh
11. Smt. Jayakumari Chikkala Medicine Delhi
12. Shri Bibek Debroy Literature and Education Delhi
13. Dr. Sarungbam Bimola  Kumari Devi Medicine Manipur
14. Dr. Ashok Gulati  Public Affairs Delhi
15. Dr.  Randeep  Guleria Medicine Delhi
16. Dr. K. P. Haridas Medicine Kerala
17. Shri Rahul Jain Art Delhi
18. Shri Ravindra Jain Art Maharashtra
19. Dr. Sunil Jogi Literature and Education Delhi
20. Shri Prasoon Joshi Art Maharashtra
21. Dr. Prafulla Kar Art Odisha
22. Ms. Saba Anjum Sports Chhattisgarh
23. Smt. Ushakiran Khan Literature and Education Bihar
24. Dr. Rajesh Kotecha Medicine Rajasthan
25. Prof. Alka Kriplani Medicine Delhi
26. Dr. Harsh Kumar Medicine Delhi
27. Shri Narayana Purushothama Mallaya Literature and Education Kerala
28. Shri Lambert Mascarenhas Literature and Education Goa
29. Dr. (Mrs.) Janak Palta McGilligan Social Work Madhya Pradesh
30. Shri Veerendra Raj Mehta Social Work Delhi
31. Shri Tarak Mehta Art Gujarat
32. Shri Neil Herbert Nongkynrih Art Meghalaya
33. Shri Chewang Norphel Others Jammu and Kashmir
34. Shri T. V. Mohandas Pai Trade and Industry Karnataka
35. Dr.Tejas Patel Medicine Gujarat
36. Shri Jadav Molai Peyang Others Assam
37. Smt. Bimla Poddar Other Uttar Pradesh
38. Dr. N. Prabhakar Science and Engineering Delhi
39. Dr. Prahalada Science and Engineering Maharashtra
40. Dr. Narendra Prasad Medicine Bihar
41. Shri Ram Bahadur Rai Literature and Education Delhi
42. Ms. Mithali Raj Sports Telangana
43. Shri P. V.  Rajaraman Civil Service Tamil Nadu
44. Prof.  J. S. Rajput Literature and Education Uttar Pradesh
45. Shri Kota Srinivasa Rao Art Andhra Pradesh
46. Prof. Bimal Roy Literature and Education West Bengal
47. Shri Shekhar Sen Art Maharashtra
48. Shri Gunvant Shah Literature and Education Gujarat
49. Shri Brahmdev Sharma (Bhaiji) Literature and Education Delhi
50. Shri Manu Sharma Literature and Education Uttar Pradesh
51. Prof. Yog Raj Sharma Medicine Delhi
52. Shri Vasant Shastri Science and Engineering Karnataka
53. Shri S. K. Shivkumar Science and Engineering Karnataka
54. Ms. P. V. Sindhu Sports Telangana
55. Shri Sardara Singh Sports Haryana
56. Ms. Arunima Sinha Sports Uttar Pradesh
57. Shri Mahesh Raj Soni Art Rajasthan
58. Dr.Nikhil Tandon Medicine Delhi
59. Shri H. Thegtse Rinpoche Social Work Arunachal Pradesh
60. Dr.Hargovind Laxmishanker Trivedi Medicine Gujarat
61. Shri Huang Baosheng(Foreigner) Others China
62. Prof. Jacques Blamont(Foreigner) Science and Engineering France
63. Late Shri Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin(Posthumous) Others Maharashtra
64. Shri Jean-Claude Carriere(Foreigner) Literature and Education France
65. Dr. Nandrajan “Raj” Chetty(NRI/PIO) Trade and Industry USA
66. Shri George L. Hart(Foreigner) Others USA
67. Jagat Guru Amrta Suryananda Maha Raja(NRI/PIO) Others Portugal
68. Late Shri Meetha Lal Mehta (Posthumous) Social Work Rajasthan
69. Ms. Tripti Mukherjee(NRI/PIO) Art USA
70. Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori(NRI/PIO) Medicine USA
71. Dr. Raghu Rama Pillarisetti(NRI/PIO) Medicine USA
72. Dr. Saumitra Rawat(NRI/PIO) Medicine UK
73. Prof. Annette Schmiedchen(Foreigner) Literature and Education Germany
74. Late Shri Pran Kumar Sharma alias Pran(Posthumous) Art Delhi
75. Late Shri R. Vasudevan(Posthumous) Civil Service Tamil Nadu