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Japan flood rescue – latest updates

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japan flood 3Tokyo : Rooftop evacuations are presently in full swing as people have boarded on the terrace of their dwelling units and are restlessly waiting for the sound and vision of rescue choppers which are flying overtime on the Japan skies.

Typhoon Etau caused havoc in Japan since the week began. While houses plunged into deep waters due to torrential aftermath rains, people and homes were rendered shelterless, as many house got uprooted and floated across water floods, causing panic and forcing people to wade for shelters.Rescue work is continuing across Japan in full steam, in the northeastern region, specifically in Tochigi and Miyagi, both located north of capital Tokyo.

Three deaths have been reported, twenty six missing persons have been shortlisted, and hundreds of residents have been left stranded. Choppers are working 24×7 and skies are filled with wind, rain and helicopters, each fighting out the other and trying desperately to reach to the people below.japan flood

Meteorological forecasts have predicted heavy rains and possibility of mudslides in the day. As Shibui River of Osaki in Miyagi prefecture burst its banks, due to its location at around 350 km (220 miles) north of Tokyo, this burst of waterfront inundated rice fields and houses in the semi-urban populi of Osaki and spread along north vicinity.

To give it company, another river bursted at its seams which forced authorities to issue an evacuation warning for 410,000 people in Sendai, the capital of Miyagi, after the Nanakitagawa River flooded in Izumi ward, swamping homes and rendering people shelterless.