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Bobby Jindal: The man who denies his Indianness

Jamsheed Rizwani


Screenshot_2015-06-25-08-15-08-1With an ultra right desi Bush who almost denies his Indianness……We know the contribution of the warmongering Bushes with a third one now getting ready for the GOP investiture. -the US Jindals and Haleys may be success stories for their ultra right chamchas and chamchis, they will never be postive examples of Indian success stories…. on alien soil they have sprouted, and seem to have absorbed all what is rotten in that society without retaining anything good coming from ours.Remember Sir Walter Scott’s verses in the Lay of the last Minstrel”breathes there a man with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said , this is my own my native land” I’ll stop it there as I do not want to write the rest of the verses which are quite cruel.

Dany le Rouge for President….

Jamsheed Rizwani

Daniel Cohn-Bendit2Paris: Justice at last….. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one of the charismatic (he still is) student leaders of May 1968 in France has at last been granted French citizenship by the French government. Born in France to German parents who had fled the Nazi persecution of Jews, he was brought up in France. In May 1968 he took the lead to oppose the government policies and was expelled from France as he still had only a German passport. In Germany he was politically very active in the Green party and even rose to become a deputy mayor of Frankfurt. He later became a European Parliament Member from which he retired recently…. He took up an active role in French politics and in 2009 brought the French greens EUROPE ECOLOGIE to acquire the status of the third biggest party in France in the European Parliament. Many things have changed since but he still retains the admiration of generations of youngsters,in France and abroad… Let me be the first to say it…. in France we have at last a very good candidate for the French presidential elections…… Dany le Rouge for President….

Daniel Cohn-Bendit was first elected to the European Parliament in 1994.

“It is time Sunnis and Shias stop killing each other”

Jamsheed Rizwani 


Sunni vs Shia

It is about time that Sunnis and Shias stop killing each other and join together to work for peace and prosperity in the world….I am convinced that in the Muslim world there are many Shias and Sunnis who think alike and that they are in a majority but their voices cannot unfortunately be heard…Let their faith give them the strength and courage to be heard beyond every possible frontier and obstruction……….Centuries old antagonisms should be forgotten….they should not have any meaning in today’s world ….and that is an understatement..

On Dimapur lynching

Jamsheed Rizwani

dimapur lynchingIn a report to the central government, the Nagaland government has ruled out rape.The person who was lynched by a mob which pulled him out of the Dimapur jail was therefore innocent of rape….. What caused the violent lynching seems to be the effect of simmering animosity by the local people against immigrants from other states and particularly against illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladesh, Bengalis from West Bengal, Nepalis, and other immigrants from Assam or elsewhere who in their eyes are taking over their own homeland.

The lynching was therefore caused by a deep-rooted feeling of being outnumbered by non-indigenous immigrants. Yet, Nagaland is still one of the states of the Indian Union. The different Naga tribes are generally very hospitable and have acquired a cosmopolitain vision of the world. I must therefore say that much needs to done to cement the unity of the states and of the people.

Racism and prejudices against outsiders still irrigate the frustrated minds of those who seek a place under the sun. “Outsiders are buying out our land”; “they are taking away our jobs” are frequent remarks we hear. Xenophobia still runs deep in our country – the occasional attacks targeting people from the North-East in Delhi and other metro cities are a reminder to the Central and state governments that they need to take a closer look at what is important to maintain the cohesion of the Union.

An Indian citizen should be free to live, worship, and work in any nook and corner of the Union. It is also for us lambda citizens to fight against prejudices, the government can’t do everything. Saluting the Indian tricolor and standing up when the national anthem is placed only have meaning when each of us have the same sense of belonging to the same nation….. Nationhood is something which needs to be worked on constantly at every single moment and on every occasion….. Only when we have done away with our prejudices against other Indians, can we justly say we have something to be proud of….. WE ARE INDIANS! JAI HIND!