Indian astronomers get an insight into Crab nebula pulsar

Dr T V Venkteswaran New Delhi: A star spectacularly exploded about 7500 years ago. Situated at about 6500 light years away, the dazzling light from the explosion reached the earth during 1054 CE. The luminosity of the explosion was brighter than million suns, and was hence even visible in day light to the wonderment Chinese astronomers. They

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Indian astronomers discover supermega river of galaxies, name it Saraswati

T V Venkateswaran New Delh: A team of Indian astronomers has identified a cosmic behemoth – a supercluster of galaxies – about 4 billion light-years away from us. The new discovery has been named Saraswati – which in Sanskrit literally means ‘ever-flowing stream with many pools’. The supercluster spans over 650 million light years in

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Indian astronomers make surprise discovery of 25 ‘giant radio galaxies’

T V Venkateswaran New Delhi: Indian astronomers have made a sensational discovery of a bunch of large cosmic objects known as ‘giant radio galaxies’. Astronomers led by Pratik Dabhade at Pune-based Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) have surprised astronomical community with their discovery of twenty five new ‘giant radio galaxies’ (GRGs). These galaxies

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