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“Bengali man” jibe against Kamal Nath lands Imarti Devi in trouble

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Bhopal: The election Commission of India has issued notice for the violation of the Model code of Conduct to Imarti Devi, the BJP candidate in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly by-election from Dabra (SC) constituency and a diehard follower of senior party leader Jyotiraditya Scindia as she paid former MP Chief Minister Kamal Nath in his own coin.

Nath had called Imarti Devi an “item” at an election rally. The Commission had served a notice to Kamal Nath also asking him to explain his “item” remark and responded to his reply with the instruction that he should not use any such word or statement while making public remarks.

The Commission had sought a report from the Chief Electoral Officer, Madhya Pradesh on the complaint aired on social media. The report has been attached with authorized transcript of Imarti Devi’s alleged address. She has been quoted as saying:

यह बंगाली आदमी है यह मध्यप्रदेश आया केवल मुख्यमंत्री के लिए। उसको बोलने की सभ्यता नहीं है। इसे क्या कहा जाये। वह मुख्यमंत्री के पद से हटा तो पागल हो गया है। पागल बनके पूरे मध्यप्रदेश में धून रहा है तो उसे क्या कह सकते है, उसकी माँ बहन आयटम होगी बंगाल की। हमें पता थोडी है।

“He is a Bengali man. He came to Madhya Pradesh only for becoming Chief Minister. He does not have the decency to speak. What to say about him. He has gone mad after being removed from the post of Chief Minister. Like a lunatic, he is roaming all over Madhya Pradesh, what can we say about him. His mother sister may be item from Bengal. How do we know.”

After the announcement of bye elections to the Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh on 29 September, 2020, the provisions of Model Code of Conduct have been imposed in the State.

Sub Para (1) of Para I of the Model Code of Conduct provides that ‘no party or candidate shall indulge in any activity which may aggravate the existing differences or create tutul hatred or cause tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic and Sub Para (2) of Porn 1 of the Model Code of Conduct provides that parties and candidates shall refrain from criticism of all aspects of private life, not connected with the public activities of the leaders or workers of the parties. Sub Para (5) Para I of the Model Code of Conduct also provides that “The right of every individual for peaceful and undisturbed home-life shall be respected, however much the political parties or candidates may resent his political opinions or activities. Organizing demonstrations or picketing before the houses of individuals by way of protesting against their opinions or activities shall not be resorted to under any circumstances.

The Election Commission has also issued advisory to all the recognised political parties and candidates to refrain from any deeds, action and utterances that may be construed as being repugnant to the honour and dignity of women.