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CIC orders SEBI to conclude investigation into the Saradha scam in a time-bound manner

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New Delhi: Central Information Commission has directed the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to complete the investigation into the matter relating to Saradha Realty India Limited within a time bound manner.

The CIC has also ordered that the appellant, who has sought information under the RTI and is also the complainant in the Saradha case, should be intimated the broad outcome of the proceedings. These should also be put on display on the SEBI website for information of the public at large.

Central Information Commissioner Bimal Julka has noted in his order that the interest of the investors needs to be protected at any

During the hearing in this matter, it was was argued by the appellant that he had suffered immense financial loss at the hands of Saradha Realty India Ltd. and that he desired to know the time period during which he would be reimbursed the losses incurred by him amounting to about Rs. 13,59,000. A reference was drawn to the decision of the High Court of Allahabad in WP C No. 39410/2018 of 3 December 2018. The High Court had passed an order in this case directing the Commission to consider and decide the Appeal of the Appellant in accordance with law without granting unnecessary adjournment to either of the parties. Therefore, this matter was listed on priority.

In its reply, SEBI submitted that through the adjudication proceedings initiated against Saradha and its Directors through an order of October 16, 2016, a penalty of Rs. 2 crore have been levied under Section 15D and 15HB of SEBI Act, 1992 against the company and its Directors Sudipta Sen, Hemanta Pradhan and Manoj Kumar Nagel.

The prosecution proceedings against Saradha Realty India Ltd. and its Directors are continuing. The recovery proceedings were initiated through recovery certificate no. 677 of 2015 on 4 June 2015 and bank accounts and demat accounts of Saradha Realty India Ltd. were attached through attachment notice no. 2044 and 2045 of 2015.

Investigation on Mayor’s assassination gathers momentum in Mexico

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Mayor of MexicoMexico : The state government of Morelos in Mexico has speeded the investigation of assassination, which took place in the weekend. The investigative agencies began their work since Sunday, and the work has gathered momentum today, as the second day of interrogating the suspected murderers of Gisela Raquel Mota Ocampo, mayor of Temixco enters the second day, this Monday. The Mayor, Mota Ocampo, had been taken down by some organised crime gang, while she was present in her own residence.

Ocampo had recently taken up her position as Mayor, just on the first day of turn of calendar, that is – on January 1. She was, the very next day, killed in her house by a group of assassins. Although police reached to the crime spot, yet, the killers managed to escape in a van. The chase took on, when, police vehicles chased the fleeing van, and police successfully nabbed two suspects, and took them down. Out of the total four assassins, two suspects were killed then and there during the chase. The other two were captured and taken to custody. The two captured suspects include a minor and a woman.

The mayor belonged to left-wing Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD). Morelos Governor Graco Ramirez presided over a ceremony in Mota Ocampo’s honor in the center of capital Cuernavaca. During this ceremony, Governor said that Mayor was murdered by an organized crime gang named ‘Los Rojos.’ He said — This was an act carried out by organized crime against constitutional order and democracy. Mota Ocampo was an honest and committed public servant.

The crime has initiated intense security precaution over the region, as, since then, a security mechanism has been put in place to protect mayors across Morelos, including its capital Cuernavaca.

Mexican news website SinEmbargo reported that one of three suspects detained after the shooting told authorities that the perpetrators were paid 500,000 Mexican pesos — about $29,000 — to kill Mota. The newspaper El Universal said the killing was the work of Los Rojos (“the Reds”) drug gang, which has been engaged in a bloody battle for territory against rival groups in the neighboring state of Guerrero.

CBI Director asks new recruits to maintain highest levels of integrity and honesty

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Investiture Ceremony of the 18th Batch of Sub-Inspector Cadets of CBI at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on May 1, 2015
Investiture Ceremony of the 18th Batch of Sub-Inspector Cadets of CBI at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on May 1, 2015

Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India): Anil Sinha, Director Central Bureau of Investigation, India’s premier investigating agency, today urged the new recruits to maintain highest standards of integrity, professional ethics, devotion to duty and do their job professionally, without fear or favour and maintain highest levels of honesty in all walks of life.

Sinha was speaking at the Investiture Ceremony of the 18th Batch of Sub-Inspector Cadets of CBI held today at CBI Academy at Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing the Sub Inspector cadets and other officers of the CBI and staff of the Training Academy, Sinha said that the success of the CBI hinges on “quiet hard work and unimpeachable conduct of its Investigating Officers as they form the backbone of this premier investigative Agency.”

Stating that “law is your only friend, justice to the cause your only goal, and the truth the only road to achieve it”, the CBI Director said that investigation is the result of patient hard work and perseverance within the framework of the law. He added that not only the mere discovery of facts are not enough, but the facts have to be established beyond all reasonable doubt.

Sinha urged the officers to be specialists in the investigation of not only Anti-corruption offences but also in investigation of conventional crimes, economic offences, complex financial crimes and bank frauds, High-Tech cyber crimes and crimes having trans-national ramifications.

The CBI Director also announced the setting up of a new Centre for Excellence Campus within the premises of the prestigious CBI Academy, which will also see the Technology vertical giving real time support during field investigation.

At the special function to mark the Investiture ceremony, the “All Round Best” Cadet Award was given to Animesh Kumar, the newly inducted Sub Inspector.

On this occasion the CBI Director also inaugurated an exclusive MAC and Linux Forensic Lab at the CBI Academy, which is first of its kind in India. This lab is equipped with the latest work stations; forensic data recovery softwares, Forensic tools like cloning/imaging, password recovery, forensic analysis and internet artifacts recovery.