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Why it is Important to accustomize World Curriculum to raise Next Generation Professionals

Meghna Yadav & Johan Storgard

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The article talks about

  • How international curriculum needs to be introduced in India
  • Need for training educational professionals
  • Importance of international education
  • Challenges of today’s early years education system
  • New breed of teachers with the right methodology
  • How international curriculum is a boon to raise next generation leaders and professionals

Today, technology has successfully evaporated the global boundaries as we see that both academics and jobs have gone international. It is important to introduce our children to the global and Indian curriculum all together during their early years of education, for them to adapt  and develop all-rounder skills required to face the global challenges of tomorrow. It is observed that every parameter of a child’s learning will have an accentuated touch for the future of our population and the Indian economy. Global subjects have a greater importance than those that are country-specific to form the global leaders of tomorrow. From introducing smart learning and smart classes, the education system is moving forward to show a wave of change and growth where international boards are entering the Indian curriculum while adjusting to the Indian academic system. These programmes come with equal benefits for the child bringing the value for money factor as there is a high investment taken to build such a curriculum.

With the changing landscape of today after the COVID pandemic, schools have now adapted new ways of teaching with an entire shift in the format of the curriculum being delivered. Like for the child, it is extremely important for the teachers of any educational institution to up-skill themselves. This needs to be done to adapt to the new standards of internationally accredited education and skills of teaching children online, to ensure that a child receives education in its appropriate form to equip the child for lifelong learning. Moreover, as a person’s brain develops until he is 6 years, the methods of practical teaching for the early years age group has seen an even intense change in its online curriculum patterns to make an added impact for the early years education. The Indian National Education Policy 2020 gives the ECCE sector tremendous focus and importance from a teacher-training point of view for teachers to empower and lead change with responsibility and values. There being a plethora of career opportunities opening up for skilled early education practitioners it becomes very important for the professional to undergo training at a regular interval.

Representative photo: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister of the central indian State of Madhya Pradesh promoting the ‘School Chalein hum’ (Let’s go to school) Programme in June 2016.

Complementing the efforts made by the Government of India in 2020, KLAY in collaboration with Finland International Education (FINE) has launched an internationally accredited teacher training programme, based on the Finnish early childhood education pedagogy that would cater to the learning needs of children in the new world order. The Finnish education system which dates back to the late 19th century is a world-renowned curriculum focusing on early years education where teachers are encouraged to help children develop comprehensive competences and skills needed in life, character strengths by promoting positive self-esteem among children via the positive pedagogy methodology, and skills to develop cognitive skills through art, music and play from every situation and activity promoting inclusivity and acceptance among children through optimum participation. This program equips teachers with valuable tools and the technical know-how to meet the challenges of today’s early years education system and provides the opportunity to learn Finland’s early years best practices while sitting in the comfort of one’s homes. Such a skill set is important to be equipped with today’s children and teachers to raise Next Generation professionals in our country.

The joint authored article written by Meghna Yadav – Child Psychologist and Family Counsellor, and the Head of Training and Development at KLAY and Johan Storgard, CEO, FINE

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