Indian prediction on solar corona proves right

Dr T V Venkateswaran New Delhi: The predictions made by Indian scientists about the shape of solar corona during the solar eclipse of August 21 have been largely right. This is a significant development as it was for the first time that physicists attempted to predict the shape of solar corona as it would be

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Scientists develop natural material for faster blood clotting

Dr Swati Subodh New Delhi: Excessive blood loss due to injury may result in serious medical complications and, in extreme situations, even death. The problem could be severe in case of patients with impaired blood clotting capacity such as in hemophilia. To address this challenge, Indian scientists have developed a nature-inspired biomaterial with enhanced blood

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Indian astronomers make surprise discovery of 25 ‘giant radio galaxies’

T V Venkateswaran New Delhi: Indian astronomers have made a sensational discovery of a bunch of large cosmic objects known as ‘giant radio galaxies’. Astronomers led by Pratik Dabhade at Pune-based Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) have surprised astronomical community with their discovery of twenty five new ‘giant radio galaxies’ (GRGs). These galaxies

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