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HRD Ministry appoints review committee to scrutinize NET and Non-NET Fellowships

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scholarshipNew Delhi: Keeping a direct focus on improvement in quality of admission, process of recruitment and ease of availability of seats, the ministry of HRD (Human Resource Development), under the leadership of HRD Minister Smriti Irani, has devised strategy to implement systems and procedures for proper facilitation of fellowships in the NET and non-NET category.

As part of overhauling the higher education sector, Ministry of Human Resource Development has decided to set up a review committee to go into issues related to the research fellowships provided by the UGC, covering both NET and non-NET fellowships. The committee will scrutinize, analyse and prepare an extensive report which would be submitted to the ministry latest by year end of this calendar, i.e., December 2015.

Thrust areas for scrutiny by the committee are – firstly, the feasibility of enhancing the number of NET fellowships, which are purely merit based. Secondly, establishing a transparent system of transfer of fellowship amounts each month to the Non-NET fellows- a procedure presently being done on a reimbursement basis, without Direct Benefit Transfer mandated by the Government. Thirdly, making way to reach benefits and opportunities of the Non-NET fellowship scheme to a larger number of Universities – including State Universities. Fourthly, considering economic and other criteria for eligibility for non-NET fellowships, and lastly, recommending guidelines for the selection, coverage, award, and administration of the non-NET fellowships.

The present pattern of distribution of fellowships under all existing and continuing fellowships schemes within NET as well as Non-NET categories would be continued without any change retrospectively. Ministry of Human Resource Development has enhanced support provided to Research Fellowships based on the NET since December 2014 within which – Junior Research Fellows would receive, for the first two years Rs. 25,000/- per month and 30% House Rent Allowance (HRA) as well as a contingency grant for each year; and Senior Research Fellows would receive, for the next three years Rs. 28,000/- per month, 30% HRA and a contingency grant for each year.