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Haryana asked to control H5N8 Avian influenza Virus

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Inside view of NIHSAD, Bhopal
NIHSAD, Bhopal

New Delhi/Bhopal: The State Government of Haryana has been asked to initiate control and containment operation for highly pathogenic H5N8 AI virus after samples sent from domestic ducks at Blue Bird Restaurant of Haryana Tourism at Hissar to the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD) in Bhopal on Wednesday, November 2, have been found positive for H5N8 AI virus.

Six ducks at Madipur Lake in Delhi died yesterday. Their samples have been collected by the Delhi Government’s Department of Animal Husbandry. There is no report of mortality from any other part of Delhi. The Delhi Government has carried out disinfection process at all the affected sites as per Action Plan on Avian Influenza.

There is no report of mortality from Gwalior or any other part of Madhya Pradesh. In the second fortnight of October, the Zoo at Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh was been shut down for the public due to Bird flu scare.

While control and containment operations are being carried out at various epicenters in Kerala, the Union Minister of Agriculture is reviewing the situation in neighboring states, including Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

There is no further report of mortality from any part of Punjab where post operation surveillance is going.

Avian Influenza Diagnosis¹

Clinical diagnosis:

Clinical signs in affected birds are often indicators of the disease and should be recorded in the epidemiological enquiry form (Annexure I).

Low pathogenic strains
– Mild to severe respiratory symptoms.
– Decrease in egg production up to 45% (takes 2 – 4 weeks to recover)
– Mortality 3% (layers), 15% (broilers).

Highly pathogenic strains
– Severe respiratory distress, depression, ruffled feathers.
– Watery eyes and sinuses.
– Cyanosis of combs, wattles and shanks.
– Edema of head and sinuses.
– Diarrhea (initially bright green later white).
– Nervous signs as with highly virulent Newcastle (Ranikhet) Disease.
– Sudden death (within 24 hrs of first signs), mortality can approach 100%.

HPAI virus needs to be differentiated from Newcastle disease, Infectious laryngo-tracheitis (ILT), fowl cholera (caused by Pasteurella multocida) and other diseases which induce similar clinical signs at times.

¹ National Instiute of High Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD)