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Brewing Now – Big buzzing week for US-China Relations

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John Kerry US
John Kerry

Washington, DC:Its happening right away ! United States meets China.

The differences will be ironed out.Both will strengthen their commitment to do good to their own countries as well as to their international relations.

An effective diplomacy and positively improving US-China relations is brewing up sizzling hot this week, as stated by the US Department of State Spokesperson John Kirby.

Kirby said that United States is firmly committed to improving its relationship with China albeit disagreements on certain issues. He stated that US intents to highlight a mutually beneficial strategic partnership between the two countries.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary Lew are hosting the 7th US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. In addition, integrated into these events, will be the 6th Consultation on People-to-People Exchange hosted by Secretary Kerry.

With Deputy Secretary Blinken chairing the 5th Strategic Security Dialogue, the US Spokesperson enthusiastically believes in US and China to expand their mutual bilateral cooperation on many global challenges. The areas of prominence will include climate change, development, humanitarian assistance, pandemic response, and ocean conservation.

Kirby emphasized that this mega bilateral event will also table the opportunity to coordinate U.S. and Chinese policies on regional issues like Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, and Afghanistan. Further, he believed that areas where there are ongoing differences such as maritime disputes, cyber security and human rights will also stay addressed.

Kirby stressed that in spite of disagreements between the two countries on many points, US recognizes that problems can be better addressed with US-China cooperative efforts. He said that United States sincerely looks forward to all the dialogues being held this week, which would serve as a vibrant platform for tackling disagreements and advancing mutual interests.