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Aero India 2021: IAF seeks proposal for 70 HTT-40 Basic Trainer Aircraft

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Bengaluru: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) received a Request for Proposal (RFP) from the Indian Air Force to meet its requirement of Basic Trainers at the Aero India 2021 in Bengaluru on Thursday February 4 2021.

The RFP is for 70 HTT-40 Basic Trainer Aircraft with provision for 38 more aircraft. The documents were handed over by Deputy Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Sandeep Singh and DG (Acquisition), Ministry of Defence V L Kantha Rao to Chairman and Managing Director, HAL R Madhavan.

The certification will be given against the Program Compliance and Quality Review (PCQR). The production will take place at two manufacturing facilities of HAL in Bengaluru and Nashik. The RFP has come within six years from the first flight of HAL which is the shortest time-line in aircraft industry. The trainer will have more than 60 percent indigenous content and is supported by agencies such as Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification (CEMILAC), Regional Director Aeronautical Quality Assurance (RDAQA), Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE)among others.

Scientific data, research & progress: Why India should compromise on the multiplier effect?

Lalit Shastri

While Secretary Department of Science and Technology, Government of India Prof. Ashutosh Sharma has drawn attention to India’s National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (INDSAP) and the open government data portal to underline the increasing attention given by India to sharing of scientific data, there is nothing to explain officially why very few research papers have been published on reams and reams of data received on a daily basis from Mars Orbiter Mission or the space probe orbiting Mars since 24 September 2014.

The Mars Mission was launched on 5 November 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

The situation nearer home vis-a-vis the volume of research linked with the Mars or the Mangalyaan mission is in sharp contrast with all the research accomplished or is being done continuously on the basis of Mars exploration by NASA, according to those in knowledgeable circles. It is also being pointed out that maximum research related benefit from the data available from the Mangalyaan Mission has been taken by the foreign suppliers of equipment for this mission.

At another level, it is also learnt that there is a huge budget cut in major public sector organisations – like HAL, DRDO and ISRO. In some cases, the total payments due to some PSUs from Defence organisations is almost twice or thrice their annual turnover. In the process, the ancillaries linked with these organisations are facing unprecedented financial crisis and layoffs now is the norm. As a result, skilled and trained manpower is on the receiving end. This is going to push the clock of progress backward by several years and India can forget the prospects of a fully indigenous engine for the Light Combat Aircraft programme for many years to come.

The Union Secretary Department of Science and Technology was addressing the Science & Technology Ministerial Roundtable, organized in the 17th annual Science Technology and Society (STS) Forum.

PIB Adds: “Scientific data sharing is being considered for inclusion in the New S T I P 2020 being framed. Data is the new water, and we do want to share it as global partners,” Prof. Sharma emphasised.

The online Science & Technology Ministerial Roundtable organised on 3rd October 2020 and hosted by Japan, deliberated on the role of international R&D collaboration, social sciences & humanities, and open science. It saw the participation of S&T heads from about 50 countries around the world and explored the opportunities arising from international collaborations in science and technology to address the challenges posed by COVID 19.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary Department of Science & Technology who represented India at the Ministers’ Roundtable, highlighted India’s major initiatives in S&T collaboration, social sciences & open science. He said that India gives extraordinary importance to international cooperation in S&T for development and for addressing challenges of health, water, energy, environment, climate change, communication, and natural disasters.”

He spoke about India’s active S&T collaboration with over 40 countries in the world. “We are also part of all the major multilateral and regional S&T platforms and groupings such as the EU, BRICS, ASEAN, G20, Africa Initiatives, UN and OECD S&T platform as well as international mega-science projects such as ITER, TMT, LIGO and so on. Coalitions for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, International Solar Alliance and Mission Innovation are India’s global initiatives in the management of disasters and clean energy,” he added.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma highlighted that vaccines for coronavirus are in advanced phases of trial, and India has the capacity to supply the vaccine to a major part of humanity.

The high-level ministerial meeting witnessed participation from countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Russia, South Africa, and others.

The forum community highlighted critical role of S&T in fighting the current pandemic situation and agreed that strong international collaboration in the field of science & technology, cutting edge science, and open science were the most important tools to solve the current crisis and prepare for the upcoming crisis of the future.

Science and Technology Ministers’ Roundtable is held along with the STS forum every year. The STS forum aims to provide a new mechanism for open discussions on an informal basis and to build a human network that would, in time, resolve the new types of problems stemming from the application of science and technology.

MADE IN INDIA – A true story 

Lt Gen SS Dahiya
Since we are on the subject of how rotten our made in India OFB ammunition is, let me narrate a real incident that embarrassed us in an International Defence Exhibition.
The year was 1999, we , India,  were participating in the “IDEX-99”, Defence Exhibition at Abu Dhabi.¹
I was then, the Director of the Defence Exhibition Organisation. The objective in Going for these exhibitions is meant to promote our Defence Production capabilities and seek interest of these countries in acquiring our weapons and weapon systems.
Frankly, we’ve never had any thing to offer, but we go there anyway, because it’s an opportunity to go on a foreign jaunt all  paid holiday, “5” star, etc. But, to participate you have to get the Minister of Defence Production & Supplies (DDP&S) to swallow the bait, they are only too willing to grab such opportunities. By their own( if they are to merely go alone), then, the  PMO has to approve all visits abroad for Ministers and Secretaries. So the proposal is made in such a way, that it’s turned into a Ministry level delegation, where meetings are scheduled with Minister of the host country as well as Chiefs of other Countries who are on an Arms Shopping spree. It’s a huge jamboree, on an unprecedented scale. UAE. buys Arms by the tons, Petro dollars have to be spent. Their entire set up is manned by Pakistani Armed forces personnel on Deputation to the UAE military.
We we’re lucky to get the best stall location because the Director of the UAE Exb a Brig had  done  NDC in India, and he became very close friends.  Entry into The UAE those days was a scary experience. They almost treated people like cattle, “gora ya kala” (black or white) made no difference. At the entry to the exhibition security was unprecedented , every one without exception had to take off his shoes, belt etc to pass, very humiliating, and the Brigadeer made sure he rubbed it into the Brits. So when our turn came, he said “Colonel” there’s no need for that just walk through. The “goras” would have swallowed us alive, but they could do nothing after all they needed to sell Arms. Frankly as every one knew we really never had any thing ever to offer, and that’s what I was coming to. This was the setting of the story.
The Indian contingent includes HAL (who have nothing to offer) they carry a Boeing door, to every exhibition, which Boeing company had asked them to make, many years ago, but those version have become obsolete, so we use them for our own ageing fleet, and show it as important substitution, meaning we don’t have to import the doors. That is shown as money saved. This door  that used to be displayed as the centre-piece. Then came DRDO, labs 52 of them represented by a few Sc, carrying dehydrated food packets, which made quite an embarrassing site, it looked like 3rd world product. But we we’re very proud. Then came the “piece Dela piece”, the OFB – represented by their Senior most Additional Secretary level officer. A video of very own Battle tank Arjun or INS Delhi (yes a good Destroyer, impressed Dr Mohammed Mahatir, who was the PM of Malaysia, in 1999, at the Lankawi Maritime show “LIMA”) would be running in the background.

A soldier guards a monument in New Delhi with INSAS rifle

OFB used to carry their INSAS rifle , which even we have discarded, and  their 7.62 mm rifle ammunition, which was laid on the glass table right at the entrance to the stand. The crown Prince who was also the Defence Minister was going around the stands, and came over to ours. Must give it to them, they are not the same  “Beduins”, who rode camels with , Col TE Lawrence , “Lawrence of Arabia”, they have come a

long way in etiquettes, class every thing.
The Additional Secretary “insisted” on showing him how sophisticated our ammunition manufacturing was.
The Crown Prince cum Defence Minister with his entire Entourage of Generals media etc very reluctantly *picked up* one round and asked ….. *do you see the Rim of these rounds they are are oval*.
That’s the most serious defect one can have in a front line ammunition.
With a straight face our Jhonny said “No Sir” there is “NO ovalty” (novelty).
Obviously the fool didn’t factor in that no one in this Kingdoms ever contradicts their Crown Princes in public, that too in front of his entire Brass. Keeping his cool, His Exciliency held the round and rolled it on the Glass table. That glass was the best glass in the world all of which are imported to the UAE, and was provided to us by the local stand fitter. Just as the round was rolled, it went “katak katak katak katak” with each turn on the Glass.
The Crown Prince just looked at our Additional Secretary, hoping he would concede, but that was not to be. After all we are proud Indians and how dare this camel riding  nomad get the better of us. So the AS said Excellency,  the glass on the table is not flat.
That was more than the Crown Prince could take, so he said, well are you aware that your country exported ( he quoted some figure of millions of rounds), to Vietnam, and they are still  lying unclaimed at the Port of unloading, All of them have “ovalty” in their Rims and have been rejected. No one wants them as they are useless nor are you willing to spend more to get them back. Than for good measure he rubbed it in further by adding “you” also sent this defective ammo to Algeria , who have returned it for the same reason.
That ended our quest for exporting ammunition to the third world, or so we believe, them  Arabs to be third world.
Are our troops being given the same defective substandard OFB ammunition all under the garb of Made in India. Yes. After all if we can try to “fool” the Crown Prince who had all his facts and a “keen” eye for detail, and try and shove it down his throat,

I leave that for you to judge!

♦This article by Lt Gen SS Dahiya has gone viral on social media.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Newsroom24x7.com.
¹IDEX is regarded as the only international defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence.
IDEX is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and is organised by the IDEX LLC in association and with the full support of the UAE Armed Forces.

Jail sentence for former Railway Board Member, 4 others

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corruptionChennai: The Special Judge for CBI Cases, Chennai has convicted V.K.Agnihotri, a former Member Engineering, Railway Board; N.Kirthivasan, ex-General Manager; P.Rajamoni, ex-Chief Track Engineer; S.Sethuraman, the then Additional General Manager and S.Ramasubramanian, then Chief Signals & Telecommunication Engineer, all working in Southern Railway and sentenced them to undergo two years Rigorous Imprisonment with total fine of Rs.Two lakh.

CBI had registered a case against V.K.Agnihotri, N.Kirthivasan, P.Rajamoni, R.S.Narayanan, FA & CAO; S.Sethuraman, Addl.GM; S.Ramasubramanian CSTE, all working in Southern Railway and S.Palani, a Civil Engineering Contractor. It was alleged that in 1995, the accused Railway officials recommended and sanctioned machinery advance of Rs.26,64,450 to S. Palani, the Contractor for supply of hand broken ballast in violation of tender conditions. The accused also recommended & sanctioned machinery advances of Rs.10,57,218, Rs.9,16,938 and Rs.12,28,480 for three other contracts to Palani and placed orders for supply of ballast in 11 reaches requiring very huge quantities. The machinery was not purchased by Palani. Hence, all the contracts were terminated due to the poor performance and the terminated contracts were awarded to other contractors. An alleged loss of Rs, 2,29,84,432 being additional expenditure incurred towards execution of terminated contracts, apart from the advances made to Palani, was caused to Railways

During trial, Narayanan and Palani expired and charges against them were abated. The Trial Court found the accused persons guilty and convicted them.

3-year Rigorous imprisonment for former HAL officials, others

In another case, the Special Judge for CBI cases, Bangalore has convicted M.S. Sanjay, a former Deputy Manager (Methods), H.M. Ramesh, then Assistant Engineer (QC), both working in Helicopter Divison of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Bangalore, K.V. Hemanth, then Consultant Dynatech Tools & Devices and B. Damodar, then Managing Partner of Dynatech Tools & Devices and sentenced them to undergo three years rigorous imprisonment with total fine of Rs. 3.5 lakh.

CBI had registered a case against the accused persons alleging that M.S. Sanjay and H.M. Ramesh had abused their official position and shown undue favour to Dynatech Tools & Devices represented by K.V. Hemanth and B. Damodar. The accused falsely certified the receipt of parts and brackets and their inspection. Based on the reports, the Finance Department of HAL-HD made the payment of invoices raised by Damodar. Consequently a loss of Rs. 22,67,189 was caused to HAL.

After investigation, a charge sheet was filed against the accused in the Designated Court on 29 May 2014.