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Zorawar Singh – the legendary General of Jammu and Kashmir

General Zorawar Singh

Newsroom24x7 remembers Zorawar Singh, the legendary General of Maharaja Gulab Singh – the Dogra ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, on his 235th Anniversary (b.13 April 1786, in a Dogra family in village Kahlur, now Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh). Every Indian citizen should cherish the memory and legacy of this great warrior who will always be remembered for the conquests in Ladakh, Tibet, Baltistan and Iskardu. General Zorawar Singh is popularly referred to as the “Conqueror of Ladakh and Tibet“. As tribute to the great warrior we are reproducing an article on him by Maj Gen Goverdhan Singh Jamwal.

Maj Gen Goverdhan Singh Jamwal

Zorawar, the legendary General of Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu and Kashmir, earned for himself the title of “Little Napoleon of India’ and has been described as the military genius of the nineteenth century by Cunningham. “During the long history of India, no Army from Hindustan had attacked Tibet. No Indian ruler had thought of conquering it and no Indian General accustomed to the heat of the plains had ever dared face the rigour of the Tibetan climate. Zorawar conceived the idea of conquering the Central Tibetan province for his master and prepared an expedition for that purpose.”

These Trans-Himalayan Campaigns fought by General Zorawar Singh, over a century ago, have suddenly become important for us, for with the Chinese aggression we find a large portion of our Army deployed in those very areas. Even the lapse of this period has not changed some basic factors of warfare in these regions and the effects of terrain, altitude and climate remain very much the same. We can, therefore, still learn some useful lessons from the study of his campaigns.

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Army veteran pays tributes to Gen Zorawar Singh – the brave warrior who gave India the strategic depth across the Himalayas

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General Zorawar Singh

Jammu: Congratulating Gen YK Joshi, Army Commander Northern Command, Veteran General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal, 92, the last General of the Maharaja Hari Singh’s State Forces of Gen Zorawar Singh, now the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles that had founded the unique Dogra State under Maharaja Gulab Singh said “you have seen Jammu Dogras have never been given their due and their History Distorted that is what is now Distory”.

Brigadier Rajinder Singh

General Jamwal strongly feels that Brig Rajinder Singh is the worst sufferer of this Distory. He was denied PVC. It was all due to Sheikh Abdullah and Jawaharlal Nehru who were against Maharaja Hari Singh and the Dogras, primarily the Dogra State Forces, of which Brig Rajinder singh was the Chief.

Prime Minister in Ladakh

Gen Jamwal said in a message to the Army Commander that it was a great day to see him with the Prime Minister in the land conquered by the Dogras. It was Gen Zorawar Singh, who gave the country the strategic depth in Ladakh and Baltistan across the Himalayas.

It was a historic Day which will be remembered by the Nation and the Army for long time and what a credit to the soldiers at the highest battlefield of the world.

Now remembering the Heroes of 1962 and the Galwan warriors we pay tribute to them and to Gen Zorawar Singh whose remains lie at Toyo across the borders.

We are in the most tumultuous period of history. The first Quarter of the 21st century will decide whether we will retrieve what we have lost in the last millennium and the next few years are vital. To my mind die is cast. And there is no choice – General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal