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ISIS claims responsibility for Texas shooting

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Joe Harn Garland Police Spokesperson
Joe Harn, Garland Police Spokesperson

Washington DC: ISIS has warned of more attacks claiming responsibility for the attack at a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in a Dallas suburb in Texas, USA

ISIS made the claim through a radio broadcast on Tuesday. ISIS said that their two Al Khilafa soldiers had opened fire outside the cartoon event in the city of Garland near Dallas.

Later, at his press briefing here, Jeff Rathke, Acting Deputy Spokesperson of the US State department said that the law enforcement authorities are looking into all aspects of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it.

Meanwhile, the US federal agencies are looking for terror links of the Garland attackers.

The two assailants in a black sedan drove up to the Curtis Culwell Centre where the cartoon contest was being held, north-east of Dallas, A traffic cop (name not yet disclosed by the Garland Police), who was in a car with Garland ISD security officer Bruce Joiner, blocked the two assailants who jumped out of their car and started firing. The traffic cop returned fire and shot down both the assailants. While he remained without even a bruise, Joiner who was unarmed, was hit on the ankle. At this time the event was coming to an end and there were about 200 people at the venue.

The traffic cop has become a hero as he used a hand gun to stop the two shootes firing with assault rifles and wearing body armour.

Joe Harn, Garland Police spokesperson, said their strategy was to enter the community centre but they were not allowed to get past the point where the shooting incident took place. The shootout lasted about 15 seconds and left both terrorists dead.

The ISIS radio referred to Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, the two assailants, as the terror group’s “brothers.” Initial reports say that both were sharing an apartment at Pheonix in Arizona