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Save forests to protect environment: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

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Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Bhopal: Chief Minister of central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan has emphasised the need to save the forests to conserve and maintain the environment.
The chief minister issued a stern warning saying the human race will not survive if forests are not protected. The Chief Minister was addressing 2-day conference of Chief Conservators of Forests at the Academy of Administration here.

The Chief Minister said that there has been a tradition in India to worship plants and trees. Worshipping of trees signifies that life is incomplete without forests. Indian culture calls for protecting natural resources and not their reckless exploitation. Forest cover in the state is expanding continuously due to the good work done under the joint forest management committees, he said adding to save our  forests, employment  opportunities should be provided to the forest dwellers. The chief minister went on to point out that effort has been made in this direction by the state government by announcing support price for forest produce. Employment is also being provided through the Bamboo Mission.
Mr. Chouhan instructed that schemes should be formulated and implemented taking into consideration the problems being faced and various needs of the forest communities. Forest Department in collaboration with Health Department should hold health camps in villages and public participation in forest management should be promoted, he went on to advise.

Forest Minister Dr. Shejwar said that forest dwellers’ all-round development is being ensured through joint forest management committees. Forest guards have been trained to provide health facilities in forest villages. Role of divisional officers is significant in development and conservation of forests. Principal Secretary Forests Deepak Khandekar said that the department would undertake environmental and forest conservation work keeping in focus the priorities of the state government.

At the outset, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Narendra Kumar threw light on convention objectives. He informed that discussions will be held at the convention on joint forest management, wildlife management, forest conservation and methods to expand the sources of livelihood in forest areas

Laos’ Sin City: EIA exposé on Illegal wildlife trade in Golden Triangle SEZ

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Debbie Banks
Debbie Banks

London: London based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has just released a documentary ‘Sin City: Illegal Wildlife Trade in Laos’ Special Economic Zone’ which lays bare how the Chinese company KingsRomans Group, running the Special Economic Zone to the North-West of the heart of the Golden Triangle in Laos is openly and blatantly doing illegal trade in all manners of wildlife and wildlife body parts, including the endangered Tiger. EIA and Education for Nature, Vietnam have conducted their investigation and produced a documentary on the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone. illegal wildlife trade

A KingsRomans Group promo
A KingsRomans Group promo

Debbi banks, who anchors the investigation tells that the Golden Triangle SEZ is 80 per cent owned by the Chinese major KingsRomans, while the Laos Government has 20 per cent stakes in it. The CIA-EN documentary is a huge expose on how tigers, sloth bears, and other species of wild animals are kept in rotten cages, bred and offered on glossy menus as exotic cuisine to the (Chinese) tourists. They serve bear paw soup and wine made from tiger body parts. Coinciding with the launch of the EIA report, the Standing Committee of CITES issued recommendations to all Parties to suspend commercial trade in specimens of CITES-listed species with Laos, Nigeria and DR Congo until further notice over failings to act against elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade (find details athttp://www.cites.org/eng/notif/2014.php). Mozambique will be stripped off its forests EIA-MozambiqueAnother report by EIA also screams that Mozambique will be stripped off its forests in a few years. The report points to unscrupulous businesspeople, who are offering high wages to the economically deprived marginal farmers and using them as labor force to cut down trees. The report shows how the profit motive and human greed is rapidly devastating the natural landscape and tree cover in this part of the world.