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People suffer due to day-long shut down against new farm laws

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New Delhi: Normal life was disrupted and people were put to great inconvenience in many different parts of the country by the day-long shutdown on Monday 27 September against the new farm laws. The strike was called by Samyukta Kisan Morcha but people at large view this body as nothing else but a group of self-proclaimed farm leaders who have been drawing support mainly from the adhatiyas of Punjab and the Khalistani’s abroad.

Many trains had to be cancelled, highways and roads were blocked and commuters were left stranded for hours on Monday.

The maximum impact of Monday’s protest was felt in Delhi, western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. Parts of Kerala, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha were also affected.

Why allow British Parliament to meddle in the internal affairs of India

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New Delhi: After the Indian Ministry of External Affairs had issued a strongly worded  statement defending the new farm laws introduced by the Modi Government as “reformist legislation” aimed to help the agriculture sector and blasted the vested interest groups abroad for fanning violence in India through the farmers protest , the British Parliament, on Monday 8 March 2021, went ahead and discussed a petition on India’s farm laws, farmers’ agitation, human rights and freedom of press.

Taking strong exception to Britain meddling in the internal affairs of India on the pretext of defending human rights and peaceful protest, India’s Foreign Secretary even summoned the British High Commissioner and conveyed strong opposition to the “unwarranted and tendentious discussion on India’s agricultural reforms in the British Parliament.

The petition that was taken up for discussion in the British Parliament  urged the Indian Government to ensure safety of protestors & press freedom. It asserted that the Government must make a public statement on the farmers’ protests & press freedom.

Besides the Indian Foreign Secretary’s stiff message to the British envoy in Delhi, even the Harrow East member of British Parliament Bob Blackman has come down heavily and questioned the locus standi of British MPs to discuss Indian farm laws and the farmers’ protest in British Parliament.

Trudeau and his pro-Khalistan politics: India should crack the whip

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Extending support to the farmers agitating for complete withdrawal of new farm laws introduced by the Modi Government in India, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had expressed concern and said his country will “be there to defend the rights of peaceful protest”.

How peaceful the protest was got demonstrated by the Republic Day violence in Delhi that was fanned by Khalistani elements, mainly in Canada, US and Pakistan.

It is an entirely a different matter that Trudeau later talked to Prime Minister Modi over phone to seek COVID vaccines from India. This could be a good diplomatic move to build bridges but his kind of politics that relies on support from Khalistan groups is only jeopardising global peace.

At the June 2020 Canada-led Ottawa Group meeting on World Trade Organization (WTO) reform and COVID-19, it was underscored by Canada that more than ever now was the time to work closely together with international trading partners because Canadians depend on open and flowing trade. It was emphasised that priorities in this direction must include greater transparency on export restrictions, besides “predictable and open trade in agriculture”.

A WTO joint statement from countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, European Union, China, Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand and United States, which was released on the request of Canada on 22 April 2020, opposed agriculture export restrictions and emphasised that countries should refrain from implementing unjustified trade barriers on agriculture and agri-food products and key agricultural production inputs.

The Joint statement reiterated the need to ensure that supply chains remain open and connected so that international markets can continue to function in supporting the movement of agricultural products and agriculture inputs, which plays an instrumental role in avoiding food shortages and ensuring global food security.

Further the WTO declaration emphasised that restraint will have to be exercised in establishing domestic food stocks of agricultural products that are traditionally exported so as to avoid disruptions or distortions in international trade.

The collective will of the WTO member nations is also opposed to imposition of agriculture export restrictions and implementation of unjustified trade barriers on agriculture and agri-food products and key agricultural production inputs.

It is in this backdrop, it’s shocking though not the least surprising that Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau took a u-turn on the Canadian government’s stand vis-à-vis trade barriers on agriculture and agri-food products and he tried to lecture India by opposing Modi government’s farm reforms and supporting the farmers bent upon maintaining status quo with relation to the MSP (minimum support price) regime and the agriculture markets (Mandis) that presently function under the vice-like-grip of middlemen (adhatias in Punjab) who are essentially the money spinners for political parties. It is this stranglehold that Narendra Modi is targetting. The Modi Government wants to guarantee maximum benefit to farmers by driving out the middlemen from the procurement process, prevent huge stocks of grain from rotting in government or the Food Corporation of India (FCI) godowns, curb corruption, and ensure proper storage and smooth movement of agricultural produce with the help of the private and corporate sector.

One doesn’t need rocket science to conclude why Trudeau chose to be a double face. Obviously, he was being dictated by the political expediency of keeping the Khalistani group in Canada on his side, when he chose to meddle in the internal affairs of India much to the chagrin of the Indian citizens and majority of the Indian diaspora across the world.

When Trudeau sides with the pro-Khalistan elements to further his politics, one wonders what’s wrong with him. He is not so naïve that he can’t see what’s axiomatic. The world knows who the Khalistanis are and what they stand for. If Trudeau is blank on this count, he he should be reading “Khalistan: A Project of Pakistan” by veteran journalist Terry Milewski. It reveals, as the forward to this report says, the concept of Khalistan as a project of Pakistan, designed to subvert the national security of both Canada and India. Thirty-five years after the horrific Air India bombing, and 73 years after the independence and partition of India and Pakistan, Milewski conducted a complex and penetrating research into the geopolitical dimensions of the Khalistan cause and its affiliations with Pakistan’s ongoing policy of practicing state terror as statecraft, the report goes on to underscore.

In June 2019, Punjab Chief Minister and the unquestioned Congress leader in his state, Capt. Amarinder Singh had cited a 2018 public report released by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and urged the Modi Government at the Centre to take serious note of disclosures about the Khalistan groups and mount global pressure on Canada to put an end to the use of its soil to spread terror in India. “India had, for too long, been soft towards Canada and needed to crack its whip aggressively, even seek UN sanctions if needed, to end the growing threat once and for all,” the Punjab CM had said in a statement.

Senior RSS leader’s hard hitting message to Narendra Singh Tomar on farmers’ issue

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Bhopal: Senior RSS leader and former MP Raghunandan Sharma in a hard hitting post on a social media platform targetting Union Minister for Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar has said that he should not fritter away the people’s mandate by forcibly trying to help the farmers when they do not want to be helped.

In a facebook post directly addressing the Union Agriculture Minister ahead of the 6 January nationwide strike by farmers protesting against the new farm laws introduced by the Modi Government to free the farmers from the clutches of middlemen and integrate the agriculture sector with the global and expanding market economy , the senior RSS leader wrote:

“Dear Narendra ji, you are an associate and partner in the governance of India. Thousands of nationalists have spent their lives and youth for the formation of the nationalist government at the Centre. For the last 100 years, the youth have sacrificed their all and have worked hard with full devotion to serve the motherland and spread the message that national interest is supreme. You are living in the world of false belief, if you think the power you have got today is the result of your hard work. When a person gets intoxicated by power, it does not show like a river, mountain or tree, it remains invisible as it has gone to your head. Why are you bent upon losing the rare mandate? It is not in line with our ideology to follow and implement the rotten policies of the Congress party. With each drop we waste, the pot gets empty and that’s exactly what happens with people’s mandate. What you are thinking may be in the best interest of the farmers, but if no one wants to be helped, why are you bent upon forcing your way to help them. If someone wants to go naked, why force him to wear clothes? Use your constitutional powers to strengthen nationalism, so that we don’t have to regret it later. One hopes that you must have understood the idea of securing the future of our ideology.”

Raghunandan Sharma lashes out at Sharad Pawar

After Bharat Ratna and globally acclaimed cricketer Sachin Tendulkar came out openly in support of the new farm laws pinning down international vested interest groups and so-called celebrities that made a futile bid using Twitter to defame India on the farmers’ issue, it is not only Congressmen but also NCP chief Sharad Pawar, who have made the famous cricketer a target of their attack.

Senior RSS leader from Madhya Pradesh Raghunandan Sharma has lashed out at Pawar on the social media. He wrote on facebook on Sunday 7 February: “Mr. Sharad Pawar, I do not understand what has happened to you? The man who left his party on the issue of foreigners and formed the Nationalist Congress party is now raising his finger at a nationalist (deshbhakt) like Sachin Tendulkar? That too,  when he is protecting the country’s  sovereignty and challenging international vested interest groups and anti-India forces. The country is spitting on you.”