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Lockdown to contain spread of COVID-19 extended for 2 weeks

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New Delhi: The lockdown measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in all parts of the country has been extended for a further period of two weeks with effect from 4 May 2020.

In exercise of the powers under section 6(2)0) of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, NDMA has issued an Order number 1-29/2020-PP on 1 May 2020, directing the Chairperson NEC that lockdown measures be continued to be implemented in all parts of the Country, for a further period of two weeks with effect from 04.05.2020

Under directions of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), guidelines on lockdown measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in all parts of the country were issued for the first time on 24 March 2020 under the Disaster Management Act 2005 for a period of 21 days with effect from 25 March 2020. Under further directions of NDMA, the lockdown period was extended up to 3 May 2020 on 14 April 2020 and consolidated revised guidelines were issued on 15 April 2020.

Under the Order issued on Friday 1 May, the Union Home Secretary, in his capacity as Chairperson, NEC, has issued directions to all the Ministries/ Departments of Government of India, State/Union Territory Governments and State/Union Territory Authorities that the lockdown period is extended for a further period of two weeks with effect from 4 May 2020.

New guidelines on lockdown measures, have also been issued. These will come into effect from 4 May 2020 for a period of two weeks, for strict implementation.

Click here for Order to Extend Lockdown and Revised Guidelines

Modi announces extension of COVID-19 lockdown till 3 May

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, 14 April announced that it has been decided that the lockdown in India will now have to be extended till 3 May.

The Prime Minister was addressing the nation on Tuesday, 14 April 2020. He said everyone has suggested that the lockdown be increased. Many states have already decided to extend the lockdown.

The PM said: In the fight against Corona global epidemic, India has moved forward in the right direction. Because of your sacrifice India so far, has been able to avert to a large extent the damage from Corona

Acknowledging people’s sufferings, Modi said Somebody has been deprived of food, somebody has trouble commuting, someone is away from home. But for the sake of the country, all are performing their duties like disciplined soldiers.

The Prime Minister further said:

“Our Constitution talks of the power of the people of India, that’s our strength. On the birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, let us resolve to demonstrate our collective power. This resolution will be a true tribute to him.

In this time of lockdown, the way the people of the country are following the rules is highly credit worthy

My request to all my countrymen is that now they should see to it that Corona does not spread to new areas at any cost.

If even there is a a single new patient at the local level, it should be a matter of concern for us

Amidst all these efforts, the way the corona is spreading, it has alerted health experts and governments around the world.

How did the fight against Corona progress even in India, I have talked continuously with the states about this

If we just look at it from an economic point of view, we have paid a heavy price but in comparison with the lives of Indians, there can be no comparison. With limited resources, the path India has taken, is being discussed worldwide.

When we had only 550 cases of Corona in India, the lockdown of 21 days was a major step. India did not wait for the problem to grow. Rather, as soon as the problem was detected, we tried to stop it by taking a quick decision.

How India made efforts to prevent the spread of infection and the people of India have been partners in this effort.

The PM asked the people to follow the rules of lockdown with full devotion tilly 3 May,

Where ever you are just stay there. Be safe. We will all keep the nation alive and awake.

Modi concluded by rolling out a 7-point guideline to the citizens to fight the Corona pandemic

  • Take special care of the elderly, especially the ill and infirm
  • Dont cross the social distancing barrier
  • Wear home made masks
  • To increase immunity, follow the guidelines of Ayush Ministry and to help in preventing the spread of Coronavirus, download Ariogya Sety app
  • Help as much as possible the poor families
  • Be sensitive towards those employed by your enterprise
  • Give respect to the Corona warriors of the country – Our doctors – nurses, paramedic staff, safai kamgars and policeman.

President’s rule in Jammu & Kashmir extended for 6 more months

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Home Minister Amit Shah
Home Minister Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah described Monday 1 July 2019 as an important day for Parliament as two bills related to the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) were unanimously passed in both the Houses.

With the passage of these Bills, President’s rule in J&K has been extended for 6 more months beginning July 3.

Replying to discussion on the President’s rule & Reservation (Amendment) Bill in J&K in Parliament, Shah thanked all the parties for supporting these important bills. This reiterates trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and vision, he said and congratulated the Prime Minister on this historic day. “I am sure under his leadership we will soon see a peaceful and progressive Jammu & Kashmir”, he observed.

Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, Shah said as he went on to underscore the “zero tolerance” policy of Narendra Modi Govenment towards the terrorists and secessionist forces.

The Home Minister further said that the Modi Govenment is committed to Jammu and Kashmir’s development. He particularly pointed out that there will be no discimination and all the three regions – Jammu, Kashmir amd Laddakh will get equal priority when it comes to development of the State.

Union Home Minister Shri @AmitShah’s speeches in both Houses of Parliament were comprehensive and insightful. Those who want a clearer understanding of the Kashmir issue must hear his speeches. – Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said that solution of Kashmir’s problem should be in “Jamuriyat, Kashmiriyat, & insaniyat”, I reiterate today that Modi led government is also working on Atal ji’s path of “Jamuriyat, Kashmiriyat, & insaniyat- Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha


Home Minister Amit Shah’s reply to the discussion on the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Bill, 2019 The Bill further amends the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Act, 2004, as passed by Lok Sabha

Home Minister Amit Shah moves Jammu & Kashmir Reservation (Amend) Bill, 2019 for consideration & passing