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Continuing gunfire in South Sudan: Indian nationals to be evacuated

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External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj

New Delhi: The security situation in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan has deteriorated 7 July, onwards and there are reports of gun fire and fighting on the streets of Juba making any movement virtually impossible.

Indian Ministry of External Affairs has advised all Indian nationals against all travel to South Sudan till situation improves.

India’s Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on twitter said she was aware of the developments in South Sudan and the Indian government was planning evacuation of Indian nationals. She has asked Indian nationals to register  with Indian Embassy and not to panic.

Typhoon Melor forces 700,000 evacuations in Phillipines

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typhoonManila : More than 700,000 people fled the central Philippines amid threats of giant waves, floods and landslides as powerful Typhoon Melor approached the archipelago nation. Typhoon Melor rubbed into northern tip of Samar, a farming island of 1.5 million people, in the early hours today, and created windy storms, with winds gusting at 185 kilometres (115 miles) per hour. The state weather bureau informed that althought the fury of wind gush was dangerously fearsome, yet, fortunately, there were no immediate reports of casualties or damages, in the ab initio stage of typhoon alarm.

Samar has been an area prone to typhoon trouble and carries with itself, a history of such calamities even in the past. It was one of those areas which got devastated in 2013 by Typhoon Haiyan, when giant waves wiped out entire communities, leaving 7,350 people dead or missing.

Authorities today have warned that Melor’s powerful winds bear the potential to whip up four-metre (13-feet) high waves, blow off tin roofs and uproot trees. Additionally, the Met department is not ruling out heavy rains causing havoc within its 300-kilometre diameter, and weather bulletins are anticipating floods and landslides.

The update on Typhoon Melor released by National Disaster monitoring office spoke of parallel evacuations in other sensitive zones in vicinity — like, in Albay province alone, almost 600,000 people were evacuated due to fears that heavy rains could cause mudslides on the slopes of nearby Mayon Volcano. A detail report of Albay evac showed images of residents carrying bags of clothes and water jugs clambered onto army trucks in Albay’s Legazpi City ever since authorities sounded an evacuation alarm. The alarms were supported by factual catastrophe when huge waves crashed into the city’s deserted boulevard rendering the high rise palm trees swaying like tendrils amid strong winds.

Same was the state of affairs in the region of Sorsogon. An additional 130,000 people were also evacuated in nearby Sorsogon as the latest typhoon is expected to cut across the country’s central heartlands in the early hours of Tuesday before heading out to the South China Sea in the west. The government had prepared more than 200,000 food packs and other emergency items ahead of the storm’s landfall, as confirmed by social welfare secretary Corazon Soliman.

The Philippines is unfortunately a favored address for typhoon and contains a large history sheet which reveals that this region gets battered by an average of 20 typhoons annually. Typhoon Koppu, the last deadly storm to hit the country, had killed 54 people and had forced tens of thousands to flee their homes after it pummeled the northern Philippines in the recent month of October.

Guatemala families evacuated as new landslides predicted

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guatemalaGuatemala : Last week a landslide at Guatemala had killed 253 people and rendered hundreds shelterless in the Cambray 2 neighborhood. As a preventive measure, the authorities in Guatemala are taking precautions to save people from further accidents by taking premptive measures in advance. Anticipation another such landslide, the authorities in Guatemala have ordered some 40 families to leave their homes close to where a landslide killed at least 253 people last week. It is predicted that there seems to be a risk of another landslide hitting the area, near the capital, Guatemala City.

Ongoing rescue operations due to last week’s landslide are presently going on in full swing. This new landslide projection is forcing the government to reconsider and decide whether to suspend the rescue work on a temporary basis from Monday when the landslide is predicted.An official investigation is underway to determine why houses where built in El Cambray 2 neighborhood despite warnings of a possible accident.

Guatemala’s National Disaster Reduction Commission (Conred) warned as early as 2009 that there was a risk of collapse.But precautions were not followed and the middle-class neighborhood was built at the bottom of a steep hillside next to a river, some 15 km (nine miles) east of Guatemala City. Conred said its most recent warning came in November 2014 when it alerted local authorities on the status of river erosion and intimated that the river was eroding the base of the hill. But residents said they had not been made aware of the risks.

 Due to the earlier landslide, many survivors have gone missing and rescue operations are in full swing. The official number of people missing has been revised upwards to 374. However, most of the missing persons are presumed dead, buried under tons of soil and rocks that slid off the rain-sodden hill last Thursday.

Government has promised to build new homes for the shelterless and those families which have been evacuated. Financial support has been extended for which Guatemala’s Congress has approved $2.6m (£1.7m) in funds to help the victims. The local school building is currently being used as a shelter for some 400 people left homeless.

Japan flood rescue – latest updates

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japan flood 3Tokyo : Rooftop evacuations are presently in full swing as people have boarded on the terrace of their dwelling units and are restlessly waiting for the sound and vision of rescue choppers which are flying overtime on the Japan skies.

Typhoon Etau caused havoc in Japan since the week began. While houses plunged into deep waters due to torrential aftermath rains, people and homes were rendered shelterless, as many house got uprooted and floated across water floods, causing panic and forcing people to wade for shelters.Rescue work is continuing across Japan in full steam, in the northeastern region, specifically in Tochigi and Miyagi, both located north of capital Tokyo.

Three deaths have been reported, twenty six missing persons have been shortlisted, and hundreds of residents have been left stranded. Choppers are working 24×7 and skies are filled with wind, rain and helicopters, each fighting out the other and trying desperately to reach to the people below.japan flood

Meteorological forecasts have predicted heavy rains and possibility of mudslides in the day. As Shibui River of Osaki in Miyagi prefecture burst its banks, due to its location at around 350 km (220 miles) north of Tokyo, this burst of waterfront inundated rice fields and houses in the semi-urban populi of Osaki and spread along north vicinity.

To give it company, another river bursted at its seams which forced authorities to issue an evacuation warning for 410,000 people in Sendai, the capital of Miyagi, after the Nanakitagawa River flooded in Izumi ward, swamping homes and rendering people shelterless.