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Human Rights Council General Debate: India puts Pakistan in the dock for spreading terror

Lalit Shastri India used the Human Rights Council general debate in Geneva on the human rights situations requiring the Council’s attention as a platform to corner Pakistan by projecting that it was fabricating facts and figures over the situation in Kashmir. Using its right of reply on 19 September, India stated that illegal occupation of

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Kashmiri separatists to oppose resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits in valley

Newsroom24x7 Staff Srinagar: After a spate of atrocities and crime committed by terrorists and secessionist elements against the minority Kashmiri Hindus leading to their mass exodus from the Kashmir valley- which was nothing but a  brutal and pre-planned process of ethnic cleansing, the Kashmiri separatists, who have now given a call for Kashmir Bandh (protest

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Kashmir: Ethnic cleansing, exodus of Kashmiri Hindus and the continuing crisis

Lalit Shastri       The politicians in India have allowed the Kashmir situation to deteriorate for too long. But for the Army presence, the Hurriyat leaders and the terror outfits along with the State actors in Pakistan, who scripted the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from their homes and made them refugees in their own

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