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Another minister quits Macron’s cabinet

Newsroom24x7 Network Paris: French Justice Minister Francois Bayrou, leader of the centrist Democratic Movement party, quit President Emmanuel Macron’s government after prosecutors launched a probe into his party’s finances (FT). The resignation by Bayrou is the second from Macron’s cabinet in two days, and a third is expected later Wednesday. Advertisements

The non-voter is the winner in the first round of French Legislative elections

Jamsheed Rizwani With 32.32 per cent…Next Sunday, the electors including the ones that who preferred to picnic instead of heading for the voting booths will probably confirm the domination of a new mastodonte in French politics – that of Emmanuel Macron. Paris: The traditional right on one knee, all the left and green parties on

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French Presidential election is unfinished business

Jamsheed Rizwani Centrist Emmanuel Macron was elected French president on Sunday. He rode the crest of popular support for his vision of European integration and defeated his far-right nationalisty rival Marine Le Pen who was all for exiting the European Union. In the euphoria of the anti-fascist win of Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential

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