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Dubai children will take their sick toys to hospital

 Shaily Kalra
Dubai: Soon Dubai is introducing a new concept to deal with children’s  sickness and to overcome their fear of doctors and hospitals by treating children’s “sick” toys. 

Dubai Children will niw be visiting hospitals along with their  toys. These toys will undergo treatment for their “sickness”. The kids will be able to see how doctors work on the ‘sick’ toys.

“This concept will help children of all ages, overcome their anxiety about hospitals and doctors” said Mahmoud Jamal Al Deen in a meeting where he shared his views about his app “Smart Majlis” and talked about i with Mohammad Bin Rashid University of Medicine and KHDA (knowledge and Human Development Authority)and Health Sciences. His views also were echoed by the Director General of KHDA (knowledge and Human Development Authority) Dr Abdullah Al Karam. He mentioned that this idea of opening a toy hospital will bring happiness among children and will access the government also to work together to bring out new ideas in making children free from fear and anxiety.
Soon the University will be working on this agenda and children will be able to meet health workers who will examine and treat the toys.
The toys needing surgery will be taken to a special operating room where the surgery will be carried out and children will be able to watch the whole procedure.
More such interesting concepts will be introduced in future as the “Smart Majlis” app introduced by Mahmoud Jamal Al Deen permits the Emiratis to come forward with new ideas and concepts about education.   This will make children happy and healthy.