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Fadnavis returns as Chief Minister, Ajit Pawar is Deputy CM

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Mumbai: The political impasse ended in Maharashtra on Saturday with Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari administering the oath to Devendra Fadnavis as chief minister at the Raj Bhavan here at around 7.30 am on Saturday.

NCP’s Ajit Pawar was sworn-in as the deputy chief minister.

BJP has xclaimed that Fadnavis has the support of 170 MLAs and he would prove his majority on the floor of the House.

Fadnavis resigns as Maharashtra CM

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Mumbai: Devendra Fadnavis on Friday submitted his resignation as Maharashtra CM to Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari.

The Governor has asked Fadnavis to function as the caretaker CM till the alternative arrangements are made.

After his resignation, Fadnavis said in a tweet “we will soon give a Government to the people of Maharashtra, which they expect from us and is also the need of the mandate.”

Fadnavis said in a statement after submitting his resignation to the governor, “for last 5 years we faced many difficulties like continous drought, floods, unseasonal rains, but still have been able to support our farmers with historic assistance like never before.”

Fadnavis further stated “We have been able to take Maharashtra on number 1 rank in all sectors, including Infra, Metro, GramSadak, Airport, Railway projects and many pending projects are brought back on track.”

Underworld don Chhota Rajan returns under custody

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Chhota RajanNew Delhi : A 27-year long chase came to halt when Chhota Rajan was brought early morning today from Indonesia by a joint team headed by CBI officials. Rajan, an underworld don who operated from Mumbai, is wanted in many criminal charges and is facing trial in various crime cases registered against him in Delhi and Mumbai. The 55-year-old gangster, whose real name is Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje, would be presently detained in national capital Delhi initially, where he would face interrogations not only for his cases, but also to track down the claims made by him in earlier instances about the big fish in the underworld’s absconding criminal list. Rajan has been making claims of having further evidence to nail India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and his links with Pakistan’s snooping agency ISI.

Rajan was brought back amidst tight security in an Indian Air Force Gulfstream-III aircraft from Indonesia’s Bali. Generally considered as a ‘friendly don’, sources revealed about certain relevant tip-off which the chhota don seems to have dropped about the Bada D, as he reportedly tipped Indian security agencies about the movement of Dawood and his aides, while Rajan was being whisked away to an undisclosed location under tight security.

Official cars with flashing lights accompanied by heavily armed escort vans left the Palam Technical Area at around 5:30 AM when the runaway don arrived and got tolled out to the investigative agencies for further probe.

As a prelude to this Delhi arrival, the Maharashtra government announced its intentions of handing over all the cases related to the underworld don to the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) as the agency had expertise in handling such cases. This move comes barely a few days after the state Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had made earlier claims that Rajan will be brought only to Mumbai. Police establishment in the Mumbai had been making preparations for an exigency of Rajan being detained in the special cell of Aurthur Road prison, just in case.

Rajan is on dialysis as his both kidneys are not fully functional and needs medical aide.

SC stays ban, Maharashtra Dance Bars can reopen

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dance barsMumbai : Supreme Court suspended the ban on dance bars in the state of Maharashtra on thursday and paved way for reopening of such dance bars, thereby bringing back the bar dancers into mainstream of earning for a living.

However, the stay on ban has come with a caveat – stating performances will not be obscene, individual dignity of women performers must not be harmed, and in any such eventuality, the licencing authority could regulate such situations and work in favor of the women dancers.

This comes in as a relief news for the people in business of restaurants and bars which had been making a living and providing opportunity of employment to the bar dancers, the enterprises which had to shut shop of diversify into other business models ever since the ban got imposed. Now, Maharashtra’s dance bars may soon spring back to life with the Supreme Court staying the operation of a state law banning it on the condition that performances will not be obscene.

The ruling state government stated its disagreement over SC stay order, as, reacting to the order, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said the state government would press its demand in the apex court for continuing the ban on dance performances in bars and other places..

The order, however, came with a rider that performances should not be even remotely expressive of any kind of obscenity and gave the licencing authority the power to regulate those.A division bench of the court comprising Justices Dipak Misra and Prafulla Chandra Pant stated that the step has been very approriate and in a proper direction wherein the provisions section 33 (A)(1) of the Maharashtra Police (second amendment) Act of the order would come as a big relief to thousands of bar dancers and restaurateurs. The bench added the rider, saying, no performance of dance will be remotely expressive of any kind of obscenity. The licensing authority can regulate such dance performances so that individual dignity of woman performer is not harmed.

The apex court has now fixed the petition filed by Indian Hotel and Restaurant Association for final hearing on November 5 and said that the matter pertaining to the similar issue had already been decided by this court in 2013.

The Maharashtra government had in 2005 brought an amendment to the Bombay Police Act to ban dance performances in bars on the grounds of obscenity and that it was promoting prostitution which was challenged in high court by an association representing restaurants and bars. In support of this amendment, the state police had cracked down on dance performances in bars for the first time in 2005. Elite establishments, including five star hotels, were, however, exempted. Thereafter, the state brought in a law banning dance performances in all establishments.The Bombay high court quashed the government’s decision in April 2006 and declared the provision as unconstitutional, holding it was against Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution which allows citizens to practise any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business. The state government had moved the Apex court against the high court’s order the same year. The Supreme Court upheld the Bombay high court verdict in July 2013 quashing the state government’s order and said the ban violated the constitutional right to earn a living.