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Top level Customs and Excise department promotions leave many frustrated, pressure mounts on FM to intervene

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CBECNew Delhi:  In its zeal to send a message that the Government is working across the administrative set up in the Customs & Central Excise department, the Department of Revenue under the Union Finance Ministry has finally promoted 63 officers in Commissioner grade to the grade of Principal Commissioner notified in 2013 but in the process of clearing these promotions, the rightful claims of several senior officers who were also due for promotion have been sidelined and this has left a large section of officers demoralised and disgruntled.

Inquiries have revealed that an unduly high number of officers – 28 of them have been left out, many of whom do not fall in the 3 categories listed in para 2 of a related Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) circular of September 14, 1992, which spells out in categorical terms the circumstances and reasons under which an officer’s promotion could be withheld, even if an officer is found fit for promotion by the DPC. This circular has also been validated by the Supreme Court in its judgement in the K V Janakiraman case. This was also reiterated in the DoPT circular of November 2, 2012.

A representative forum of Customs and Central Excise officers urged the Government to immediately correct this injustice; fix responsibility on those responsible for the violation of the law laid down by the apex court, and to ensure that such demoralizing and illegal denials of promotions do not recur in future, in keeping with the true spirit of “good governance which is the foundation of the present government.”