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Paris climate change deal is a health insurance policy for planet : UN Sec Gen

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Ban ki moonNew Delhi : UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon presented his expectations from the new climate change deal and described it as a ‘Helath insurance policy for the planet.’ He said it has been a first ever co-ordinated event when every nation in the world has pledged to curb emissions and address the urgent need for climate change. Calling upon all governments to put their pledge into action, Ban Ki-moon, on his return from COP21 conference in Paris, said – The countries of the world have made a historic choice. The Paris Agreement is a victory for people, for the common good, and for multilateralism. It is a health insurance policy for the planet.

Categorizing the climate agreement as the most significant action in years to uphold the UN Charter mandate to save succeeding generations, Ban said nations have unanimously decided to work as one to rise to the defining challenge of current times. In his exact words — For the first time, every country in the world has pledged to curb emissions, strengthen resilience and act internationally and domestically to address climate change. It marks a decisive turning point in the global quest for a safer, more sustainable and prosperous future. It will save lives, improve human well-being and promote more peaceful, stable societies. For nine years, I have spoken repeatedly with nearly every world leader about how the growing human imprint on the planet threatens our lives, our economies, our security and our survival. I have mobilised business and engaged civil society. I have never lost faith that the international community could rise to the climate challenge. Now I count on Governments, and all sectors of society, to turn these commitments into urgent, decisive action.

The 195 Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on Saturday adopted the Paris Agreement after two weeks of intensive negotiations at the summit. This time, the accord covers major crucial areas shortlisted as essential for a landmark conclusion, namely — mitigation reducing emissions fast enough to achieve the temperature goal, transparent system inclusive of global stock-taking and accounting for climate action, and, adapting a support based on parameters related to finance which could direct the nations to move towards building clean, resilient futures.

Ban said it embodied a successful new approach to global cooperation on climate change, wherein participating countries jointly and severally acknowledged that their national interest would be best served by acting for the common good for transforming global economy to low-emission, climate-resilient growth.

COP21 – Climate summit moves towards its final format

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cop21Paris : Delegates participating in the COP21 Climate summit put in the best of their efforts and reached to the penultimate round of shaping up of the agreement in Paris, a work which lasted most part of the night and brought forth a near-final version of the agreement at Le Bourget climate centre. Negotiators at the Paris climate summit have been working meticulously in the post sunset hours trying to reach a global agreement, with talks in their final day. It is hoped that the deal would be inked anytime today. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who is chairing the summit, told negotiators about the optimism with which the deal was getting inked, and assured them with promising words like – I think we will make it.

A new global agreement that would stake out a long-term strategy for dealing with climate change, would take the shape of a final inked deal which will be signed here in Paris and would come into being in 2020. The good news is that a draft document finalized on Wednesday, running to just 29 pages in total, was considerably smaller than previous versions. And the better news is — the latest version, delivered after consultations throughout Thursday, was 27 pages. Fabius, who led the delegates in discussion through the night, told the negotiators – we are into the final lap which separates us from a universal, legally binding, ambitious, fair and lasting agreement which the world is waiting for.

The draft has salient attributes. Some of them are — it has cut the options on the long-term goal of the proposed treaty. It states that temperature rises must be kept well below 2C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5C. Detailing part of it reveals that the number of square brackets, indicating significant disagreement, had been reduced to around 50, a major improvement on early format when they ran to more than 900.

However, some campaigners were not happy with Thursday’s draft, saying it denied ‘climate justice’. They expressed opinions in the likes of — rich countries have a responsibility to ensure a fair global deal for everyone, not just themselves, and as we move into these final hours of negotiations poorer countries must not settle for anything less. Other agreeing voice showed optimism in the likes of — the draft has affirmed the need to set quantified funding goals for both climate change mitigation and adaptation for the years after 2020. Some added — this is a very encouraging development and we strongly urge negotiators to keep this in the final agreement.

India has put up its bet on solar energy and is committed to contributing positively towards climate restructure and saving the planet from depleting resources, in the best way it can.

Obama and Modi committed to secure climate change agreement : White House

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Modi-ObamaWashington, DC : US President Barack Obama and Prime Minster Narendra Modi spoke over telephone yesterday and shared their personal commitment towards climate change. During their telephonic conversation, as read out from the textual transcript of the discussion by White House, both leaders emphasized their ‘personal commitment’ to secure a strong climate change pact this week.

Obama called upon Modi in the backdrop of climate summit to discuss the ongoing Conference of Parties (COP21) at Paris. PM Modi took the opportunity to personal convey his condolences for the loss of lives in California shooting last week. Moving ahead in their talks, when focus returned to the objective of the tinkle talk, as stated by White House — Both leaders emphasised their personal commitment to secure a strong climate change agreement this week and their interest in both countries’ working together to achieve a successful outcome. .

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that US President was closely following the developments in Paris where more than 180 countries were trying to hammer out a deal on climate change. A day earlier, Obama had spoken with his Brazilian counterpart. Yesterday, came India’s turn. Earnest shared with media — I can tell you that earlier today, the (US) President placed a telephone call to Prime Minister Modi of India to discuss the ongoing negotiations. I would anticipate that over the course of this week as the negotiations continue, the President would be in touch with other world leaders. The Press Secretary also mentioned that Obama was getting regular updates from his team in Paris about the status of the negotiations. He added the US President was optimistic about the success of the Paris summit, and, America looked up to the international community towards taking extra steps in mobilizing and moving forward in the lines of making significant commitments to cut carbon pollution.

Earlier, last week, in Paris, Obama had met Modi on the sidelines of the climate change summit. He had also met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Asian African partnership will contribute to world peace: Sushma Swaraj

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India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj meets Foreign Minister Lundeg Purevsuren of Mongolia on the sidelines of 60th Asian African Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia
India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj meets Foreign Minister Lundeg Purevsuren of Mongolia on the sidelines of 60th Asian African Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta: India’s external affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has utilised the 10th anniversary of the New Asian African Strategic Partnership to send out a message to the world that shared will and capacities of the Afro-Asian countries will contribute to peace, stability and sustainable development with the United Nations playing a central role in dealing with global challenges and threats.

Ms. Swaraj was speaking at the 60th Anniversary of Asian-African Conference and the 10th Anniversary of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership, under the theme of “Strengthening South-South Cooperation to Promote World Peace and Prosperity” in Jakarta this Monday.
The Indian external Affairs Minister underscored that the 10th anniversary of the New Asian African Partnership is taking place in the year 2015 in which various streams of the global discourse are gathering pace to culminate in four key events – COP21 on Climate Change in Paris, Summit to finalize Post-2015 Development Agenda, 70th Anniversary of the UN and the 10th WTO Ministerial in Kenya – each one of which will have far-reaching political and economic ramifications.

Ms. Swaraj drew attention to “significant transitions and developments” taking place in Asia, Europe and the Middle East with regional and global implications. Every country in this world, she said, had faced the scourge of terrorism.

The year 2015 marks the 70th year of the foundation of the United Nations and 10th anniversary of the World Summit and also comes with an unique opportunity to demonstrate collective will to reform the UN which is the global institution for political governance, Ms. Swaraj emphasised adding: “Our failure to push for any kind of outcomes only adds to the increasing sentiment of frustration amongst the wider membership and dents the credibility of the Security Council’s decisions, if it continues to ignore contemporary realities of the 21st century.”

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