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BSNL should connect 1 lakh Gram Panchayats with broadband: Manoj Sinha

Newsroom24x7 Staff

bsnl-broadbandNew Delhi: Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha today gave a stern message to BSNL that he will not tolerate any delay and the Telecom PSU should connect one lakh Gram Panchayats (GPs) through Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) to set up a network infrastructure to serve the rural masses.

Sinha said all are working with zeal to achieve the target of connecting 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats with Broadband Network within stipulated timeframe, which is the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Digital India.

Sinha was speaking at an award function of BSNL here. He urged the BSNL to go for new inventions, new research and new technology and to give World Class products to achieve Prime Minister’s vision of Transforming India through the Digital Revolution. He said that there is need for innovation as India cannot afford to emulate the Developed Economies due to paucity of resources. If India continued to lag behind instead of catching up with emerging technologies, the very existence of the country will be at stake, he said and exhorted the officials and other stakeholders to “Walk the Talk”. He also underlined that it is our bounden duty to digitally empower the huge chunk of population particularly in rural areas.

Sinha asked BSNL officers and employees to set an ambitious target of 15 percent Telecom penetration within a time frame from the existing 10.4 percent and asked the PSU compete with other big Telecom Operators as BSNL is now equipped with new technology, dedicated work force, equipment and financial resources. He also expressed concern that despite the worldwide trend, the number of landline connections in India is decreasing every day and BSNL should think seriously about this issue.

Without improving its service quality, BSNL cannot ensure the success of Plan-49 or Plan-II-49 or give connection at Rs 49. Under these two plans, BSNL is offering calls free on Sunday and also from 9.00 pm to 7 am each day and the Telco PSU is also providing Broadband connectivity at cheaper rates. He asked BSNL to resolve all the complaints promptly and said any reluctance on this front will not be tolerated.

Sinha said that the Country is on the verge of Data Revolution, and if India lags behind on this front, history will not forgive us. He said, it is easy to befool through jugglery of data and facts, but ultimately work should speak for itself.

Speaking on the occasion, Secretary, Telecom J.S.Deepak said that it is a matter of pride that since April, 2015, BSNL has resgisterd operating profit and it is gaining market share on a regular basis but it should work hard to become a global giant. Referring to connectivity initiatives in North East, Left Wing Extremist areas, where 2200 towers were installed for better connectivity for the security forces and for the rural masses living in the remotest areas, Deepak said that in the 2nd phase 2,000 additional towers will be installed in the naxal-hit areas. He also called for performance audit of the PSU from time to time.

In his address, the CMD of BSNL Anupam Srivastav said that the revenue of BSNL in 2015-16 was Rs 28,450 crore, which is 4.4 percent more than the revenue in the year 2014-15. He assured the Minister that BSNL is ready to compete tariff to tariff with any Telecom Operator and also called for collaborative efforts where the country’s interest is involved.

Srivastav said that due to paucity of instruments and equipment between 2006 and 2012, BSNL missed the voice bus, but in the last two years several initiatives have been taken to bridge the gap and BSNL now is ready for any challenge. In this financial year 20,000 additional towers will be installed by BSNL, he announced.

Facebook plans a satellite launch in 2016

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satelliteNew Delhi : Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced FB’s ambitious plans of launching a satellite for facilitating internet access in remote areas of some part of the globe which is densely populated and active on social networking sites.

Facebook has made plans to launch a satellite that will provide internet access to remote parts of Africa and this would be a joint venture in partnership with French-based provider Eutelsat. Targeting a launch time of year 2016, Facebook aims at continuing the task of connecting the entire world — ‘even if that means looking beyond our planet,’ said Zuckerberg in a Facebook post. The project is part of Facebook’s Internet.org project, which has come under fierce criticism in some countries.

Internet.org is experimenting with different ways of providing internet to hard-to-reach places. Recently, the company told of how it was planning to use a custom-built drone to beam down connectivity. However, in some areas, particularly India, businesses reacted angrily to the plans saying it gave Facebook, and its partners, an unfair advantage in developing internet markets.

The satellite plan aims at using existing satellite technology to provide affordable internet access across the globe. Termed as ‘Optimized for community’, this latest initiative is one such handle through which Facebook has been exploring ways to use aircraft and satellites to beam internet access down into communities from the sky. Zuckerberg wrote – To connect people living in remote regions, traditional connectivity infrastructure is often difficult and inefficient, so we need to invent new technologies.

The venture partner Eutelsat commented on this ambitious project and said, users on the ground would be able to use ‘off the shelf’ products to access the service when it launches in the second half of 2016. The capacity is optimized for community and Direct-to-User Internet access using affordable, off-the-shelf customer equipment. Eutelsat and Facebook will each deploy Internet services designed to relieve pent-up demand for connectivity from the many users in Africa beyond range of fixed and mobile terrestrial networks.

Presently, several companies already provide internet-by-satellite, but it is a costly option beyond the reach of most people in the developing world. FB is aiming at making cost-effective access facilities and surely hopes this satellite launch would add to easen the cost burden and expand connectivity reach simultaneously.