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China invests in Brirtain’s Nuclear power plant

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hinkley nuclear plant UKHong Kong : UK has planned a big ticket entry for China in nuclear power sector via investments. Chancellor George Osborne announced that UK has committed a guarantee a £2bn deal under which China will invest in the Hinkley Point nuclear power station. Osborne is on his visit to China and stated that this big ticket deal would pave way for a final investment route on this Hinkley project, which had been facing delays due to French Energy giant EDF and its role in the project.

Earlier this month EDF had expressed its fears about a delay in scedule of execution concerning Hinkley project, which was intended to allow the plant to generate power by 2023. The french company went to the extend of reconsidering its overall investment scenario and announced in February that it had pushed back its decision on whether to invest in the plant.

Osborne said – this China-UK deal would also enable greater collaboration between them on construction of nuclear plants. Britain was home to the very first civil nuclear power stations in the world and I am determined that we now lead the way again. Nuclear power is cost-competitive with other low carbon technology and is a crucial part of our energy mix, along with new sources of power such as shale gas, he added.

The £24.5bn power station would be Britain’s first new nuclear power plant for 20 years and is expected to provide power for about 60 years. EDF, which will continue to control the venture, agreed to provide electricity from Hinkley at a guaranteed minimum price of £89.50 per MW hour for 35 years.

China-US-Iran agree on Tehran nuclear reactor redo

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tehran nuclear reactor arakVienna : The three majors in modern history of world – China, US and Iran have reached broad consensus over the modification of Tehran’s Arak nuclear reactor, which had posed serious worries and stood as one of the main concerns going west. This information comes from a press release by a Chinese nuclear delegation. This has laid to rest, a major worry to West from Iran front – a chance of nuclear threat by means of producing plutonium for a nuclear bomb.

Chairman of China Atomic Energy Authority Xu Dazhe, Ali Akbar Salehi, Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and Ernest Jeffrey Moniz, the US secretary of Energy met and spoke on the sidelines of a conference on International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

China, together with other major powers, would engage in the technicalities and do the correctives on technical front in modification of the reactor.

Iran agreed to modify the reactor in the historic deal reached with related world powers in July, which put an end to the decade-long disputes over the country’s controversial nuclear program.

UN adopts text based negotiations on UNSC reforms

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UNSCNew Delhi : UN General Assembly adopted a negotiating text by consensus for the long- pending Security Council reforms, setting the stage for talks on the issue at its 70th session beginning Tuesday,paving way for India’s aspirations of a clear through bid for a permanent seat in the revamped world body. Back home, this step has been stated as historic and is a path-breaking initiative in the times to come. It is anticipated that this decision will place the Inter- Governmental Process formally on an irreversible text-based negotiations path and will definitely bring a change in the dynamics of negotiations on UNSC reforms.

UN General Assembly President Sam Kutesa convened a meeting  to take action on draft decision on ‘Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters’. During the meeting, he also circulated letters stating position taken by key countries like Russia, US and China – the countries which refused to contribute to the negotiating text.

There was no voting on decision to continue text- based UNSC reforms in the 70th session of the General Assembly and it was adopted by consensus. The draft decision also include details as to how the powerful 15-nation body should be expanded in its permanent and non-permanent categories.

The adoption is a significant step towards beginning talks on long-pending reform process in 70th session of the Assembly on the basis of a negotiating text, a first in the last seven years of Inter-Governmental Negotiations that have been conducted so far.

Indian Ambassador to UN Asoke Mukerji said, the most important aspect of this decision is the text circulated by Kutesa in July which we have agreed will be the guiding basis for our deliberations in the 70th General Assembly session. What you have delivered today… to all 193 Member States of the United Nations, is truly historic and path- breaking on several counts he added..

China parades on 70th Anniversary marking end of World War II

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china parade1Beijing : China showed off its newest military hardware and celebrated 70th anniversary of culmination of World war II at Beijing.Filling the skies and land alike with swarms of fighter jets and helicopters, and marching on the ground with a large foot soldier march, consisting of almost 12,000 troops, walking into the center of Beijing, China marked the 70th anniversary with its biggest ever display of military might.

Not letting the extravaganza just pass by, President Xi Jinping, the country’s most powerful leader in decades, said that China would remain committed to the path of peaceful development. Taking the world by surprise, Xi added on to annouce an unanticipated pledge of downsizing 300,000 troops from its 2.3-million strong military, saying ‘Prejudice and discrimination, hatred and war can only cause disaster and pain. China will always uphold the path of peaceful development’

xi jinping

Participants from across the globe swarmed to join this beastly display of power and might. Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Park Geun-hye of South Korea and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon were the highest-profile dignitaries to take their seats on a podium in Tiananmen Square, in the ancient heart of Beijing.

Hundreds of ballistic missiles, tanks, amphibious assault vehicles, drones and other military equipment paraded past the gathered leaders, veterans and guests. 200 fighter jets rocketed into the skies and 70,000 doves and balloons were released above Tiananmen Square, filling the skies with sheer power and celebration.


The whole event was accompanied by an army orchestra and a 2,400-strong massed choir that sang some 30 songs.