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ITR forms and social media reports: CBDT issues rejoinder

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New Delhi: Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said on Tuesday, 16 July 2019, that no changes have been made in any of the Income-tax Return (ITR) forms including ITR-2 and ITR-3 since the notification issued on 1 April 2019, i.e. on the 1st day of the Assessment Year 2019-20.

The CBDT statement comes in the wake of reports in social media that the taxpayers were facing difficulties in filing return of income in ITR-2 & ITR-3 due to large-scale changes in the ITR form on 11 July 2019.

CBDT has stated that the software utility for e-filing of all the ITR forms has been released long ago. The utility for e-filing ITR-2 and ITR-3 was released on 2 May and on 10 May 2019 respectively. According to the Income tax governing authority, software utility update is a dynamic process and is continuously taken up as per the feedback received from the users/filers to ease their experience in electronic filing of returns.

Fruther, it has been clarified that the updating of utility does not hamper filing of return as the taxpayers are allowed to file using the utility which is available at that point of time. For example, more than 85 lakh taxpayers have filed returns in ITR-1 till date by using the said utility, which has also undergone update later. Therefore, the impression that the taxpayers are not able to file return due to changes in ITR form is also not correct as more than 1.38 crore taxpayers have already filed their returns by using the utility released till date. Even though the utility is being updated regularly to provide ease to taxpayers, the returns filed by using the previous version of utility will continue to be valid.

CBDT has also stated that the updation in utility of ITR forms is based on feedback and it is mainly aimed at easing the compliance burden of the taxpayers by facilitating easier e-filing. For instance, this year, the facility of pre-filling of return forms has been provided based on the information furnished in the TDS statements. This facility has been updated in the utility subsequently. This would substantially reduce the efforts of taxpayers in filling of return forms.

It has been reiterated by CBDT that there are no changes in the notified ITR forms; only the utility has been updated to facilitate the taxpayers. Therefore, the assertion that numerous changes have been made in ITR-2 and ITR-3 on 11 July 2019, does not give a correct picture.

Investigations have led to detection of more than Rs. 11000 crore of credits in undisclosed foreign accounts: CBDT

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New Delhi: In the offshore accounts linked to around 700 Indian persons, as revealed by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) from April 2013 onwards, sustained investigations conducted in these cases have led to detection of more than Rs. 11,010 crore of credits in the undisclosed foreign accounts so far. Moreover, in the Panama Paper Leaks cases, as an outcome of investigations conducted by the Income Tax Department, undisclosed investments valued at Rs. 1559 crores (approx.) have been detected.

This is revealed in an order passed by the Central Information Commission on 13 May 2019. The order goes on to reveal that the Commission has got a written submission from Central Board of Direct Taxes, Department of Revenue, Government of India in the last week of April in respect of the information on the black money that has returned to the country from foreign countries,

CBDT has submitted that there is no exact estimate of black money in circulation both inside and outside the Country. However, based upon the information received from France, under the Indo-French Double Taxation Avoidance Convention, assessment proceedings have been completed in all 417 actionable HSBC bank account tax on account of deposits made in the unreported foreign bank accounts. Out of the above mentioned 417 cases in which assessments have been completed, concealment penalty of about Rs. 1291 crore has been levied in 162 cases.

Click here for CIC order

GoI transfers and postings this week: Aditya Vikram and PC Mody are CBDT Members

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New Delhi: Aditya Vikram, IRS (IT-81) has been appointed as Member, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).  Also appointed with him as Member CBDT is Pramod Chandra Mody IRS (IT-82). The Department of Personnel and Training issued their appointment order on Monday (6 August 2018).

Aditya Vikram, Indian Revenue Service (IT) , , 1981, Revenue
Pramod Chandra Mody, Indian Revenue Service (IT) , , 1982, Revenue PDF(English)

Seema Bahuguna, Indian Administrative Service, RJ, 1983, Heavy Industries PDF(English)
C.P. Ramanarayanan, Others, Culture PDF(English)
R.Subrahmanyam, Indian Administrative Service, AP, 1985, Youth Affairs & Sports PDF(English)
Preeti Sudan, Indian Administrative Service, AP, 1983, AYUSH PDF(English)
Akshay Kumar Singh, Others, Petroleum & Natural Gas PDF(English)
Subrata Sarkar, Others, Steel PDF(English)
U Saravanan, Others, Fertilizers PDF(English)
Madhukar Naik, Indian Defence Estate Service, Minority Affairs PDF(English)
Anant Kumar Singh, Indian Administrative Service, UP, 1984, Land Resources
Arun Goel, Indian Administrative Service, , 1985, Culture
Raghvendra Singh, Indian Administrative Service, WB, 1983, Textiles PDF(English)
Mohammad Zakir Hussain, Indian Telecom Service, 1999, Heavy Industries PDF(English)
Himanshu Shanker, Indian Defence Accounts Service ,Atomic Energy PDF(English)
Rambhad Vijay R and others, Others, Defence Production PDF(English)
Ram Sewak Sharma, Others, Telecommunication PDF(English)
Rajendra Kumar Agrawal, Indian Railway Personnel Service, 2000, Coal PDF(English)
Vinod Kumar, Indian Forest Service, 1987, Petroleum & Natural Gas PDF(English)
Dinesh Kumar Sahu and four others, Others, Labour & Employment PDF(English)
Deepak Kumar, Indian Police Service , JK, 1993, Heavy Industries PDF(English)
Anshuman Gaur and seventeen others, Indian Foreign Service (IFS), External Affairs PDF(English)
Sarit Kumar Chaudhari, Others,  Culture PDF(English)
Prem Sagar Mishra, Others, Coal PDF(English)
Chandrabhan Singh Thakur, Others, Defence Production PDF(English)
Dr. Saumitra Das, Others,  Bio-Technology PDF(English)
Girija Shankar Chaturvedi, Others, Petroleum & Natural Gas PDF(English)
R Madhavan, Others, Defence Production PDF(English)
N Kashinath, Others, Railways PDF(English)
Ram Sewak Sharma, Others, Telecommunication PDF(English)
Ashim Kumar Ghosh, Others, Fertilizers PDF(English)
A K Balasubrahmanian, Others, Atomic Energy
Shri D S Choudhary, Others, Atomic Energy PDF(English)
Jitendra Pershad Waghray, Others, Petroleum & Natural Gas PDF(English)
Sanjiv Swarup, Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers, 1982, Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation PDF(English)
N Vidyananda, Others, Steel PDF(English)
D K Ghosh, Others, Coal PDF(English)
Sridhar Patra, Others, Power PDF(English)
Dr. Nitin M. Nagarkar, Others, Health & Family Welfare
Dr. Sanjeev Misra, Others, Health & Family Welfare PDF(English)
Praveen Kumar Singh, Others, Power PDF(English)
Vinay Ranjan, Others, Coal PDF(English)
Arunava Roy, Others, Atomic Energy PDF(English)
Anjani Kumar Tiwari, Others, Petroleum & Natural Gas PDF(English)
Jagdeesh D M, Others, Atomic Energy PDF(English)
Shri V Sheshadri, Indian Administrative Service, AP, 1999, Prime Minister Office PDF(English)
Ms Archana Ranjan, Others, Food & Public Distribution PDF(English)
Shri Amitabh Banerjee, Others,  Railways PDF(English)
J P Singh, Others, Coal PDF(English)
R Srikanthan, Others, Petroleum & Natural Gas PDF(English)
Prof. Baidyanath Labh, Others, Culture PDF(English)
Dr. P.N. Mehra, Others, Health & Family Welfare PDF(English)
K.P. Singh and others, Indian Forest Service, Environment & Forests PDF(English)
K.S. Yadav, Others, Labour & Employment PDF(English)
Dr. P. Madeswaran, Others, Earth Science PDF(English)
Ms. Deepika Jain, Indian Civil Accounts Service , Expenditure
Harish Kumar Srivastava, Indian Civil Accounts Service , Expenditure PDF(English)
Navin Agarwal, Indian Police Service , JK, 1986, Youth Affairs & Sports PDF(English)
V.Sheshadri, Indian Administrative Service, AP, 1999, Prime Minister Office PDF(English)
Satish Kashinath Marathe, Others, Financial Services PDF(English)
Swaminathan Gurumurthy, Others, Financial Services PDF(English)
Pradeep Gaur, Others, Railways PDF(English)
Ankit Anand, Indian Administrative Service, CG, 2006, Home Affairs PDF(English)

CBDT warns Assessing Officers against expanding the scope of limited scrutiny in arbitrary manner

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New Delhi: Instances where the scope of limited scrutiny has been expanded  by assessing officers of the Income Tax Department without going through the due process have been viewed very seriously by CBDT.

A CBDT memo of 30 November 2017 on unauthorised expansion of scope of limited scrutiny to all assessing officers points out that instances have come to the notice of CBDT where some assessing officers officers are going beyond their jurisdiction while making assessments in limited scrutiny cases by initiating new inquiries on new issues without complying with mandatory requirements of the relevant CBDT instructions issued on 26 September 2014, 29 December 2015, and 14 July 2016.

The CBDT has issued the instruction that assessing officers should abide by the instructions of CBDT while completing limited scrutiny assessments and should be scrupulous about maintainance of  note sheets in assessment folders.

It has been underscored by the CBDT that the Central Inspection Team of the CBDT was tasked with examination of assessment records on receipt of allegations of several irregularities. In one instance it was found that no reason had been sighted for expanding the scope of limited scrutiny and no approval had been taken from the Principal commissioner of Income Tax for conversion of limited scrutiny case to a complete scrutiny case and this gives rise to a very strong suspicion of mala fide intention and the concerned officer has been placed under suspension.

The officer suspended by CBDT, a deputy commissioner of income tax, has alleged that he has been victimised under the influence of an influential relative of a taxpayer.