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Directly from the slaughterhouse

Newsroom24x7 Desk

Cows do think and have emotions. I worked the largest slaughterhouse on the planet, Iowa Beef (now run by Tyson Foods Inc). We killed 200 cattle an hour. When the cattle were moving close to the kill spot, they would weep, crying with big tears trembling with fear – Jeff Lerch, ex-slaughterhouse worker

Lerch’s reflection of his nightmarish and emotion rattling last moments with the cattle herded for the fatal blow in the slaughterhouse  should rattle the sensibilities of the people.

People driving near a milk factory in Colombia the other day were startled to see new born calves stuck inside garbage bags, waiting to get picked up by the meat industry.

This is how the milk & cheese industry treats new born male calves that can’t be forcefully impregnated and exploited for milk says a facebook post

Lerch goes on to recount: “You can smell the blood when you’re getting close, and I am sure they knew what’s up. The unborn baby calfs had the blood sucked out of them before taking a breath, then thrown into what would become dog food. I have stories that can make your hair stand on end. Cows have emotions, just like your dog or cat and farm kids would have them as pets until parents would sell them to make your hamburger.””

Words by Divine Web now viral on social media.

Death of another sub-adult tiger in Bandhavgarh: The alarm bells are ringing loud

Lalit Shastri

Inside BandhavgarhCoinciding with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s meeting with Union Minister of State for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar in New Delhi on Thursday to press for speedy clearance of development related projects in national parks and promotion of tourism in the buffer areas, those closely watching the fate of the highly endangered tiger were jolted by the news of the death of a sub-adult tiger under mysterious circumstances in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.

About two months ago, a 6 month old male tiger was found dead hanging by a snare set up by poachers in a farmhouse adjoining the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. This property belongs to Rajendra Singh, the deputy Speaker of Madhya Pradesh Assembly.

An officer of the Wildlife Wing of the State Forest department told newsroom24x7 that the foresters had found the decaying carcass of a young tiger hidden in a bush near a water body in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. This happens to be the territory of another adult tiger.

While the State Chief Wildlife Warden Narendra Kumar told a section of the media that this appears to be a case of poisoning, there were others in the wildlife wing who said it is too early to zero in and say anything specific regarding the cause of the tiger’s death. When probed, a senior officer said that Viscera samples have been sent for examination to Sagar and other places and as the forensic report is still awaited it is not possible to tell the exact cause of death. The tiger must have died about five or six days ago and this could be concluded from the fact that the tiger’s body had decayed a lot, he said. Drawing attention to the gravity of man-animal conflict, he stated: ” the immensity of the problem can be measured from the fact that cattle has become the main prey base for big cats.” Underscoring this, he did not rule out poisoning saying cattle kills are on the rise these days and villagers do resort to revenge killings.

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