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New website touts benefits of building with wood

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Photo courtesy: themostnaturalresource.com
Photo courtesy: themostnaturalresource.com

OLYMPIA, USA: The Innovative Wood Products Collaborative today announces the launch of its website: TheMostNaturalResource.com.

The new site is the product of a collaboration between Washington and Oregon sustainable forestry managers, wood products manufacturers, conservationists, academics and architects to highlight the latest information about using innovative wood products from sustainably managed forests.

Wood – the only building material that is grown by the power of the sun – is a renewable resource that has a low carbon and energy footprint. Using wood from sustainably managed forests will significantly reduce carbon emissions from the building sector.

According to a Yale University study, substituting wood for more energy-intensive building materials would reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by 14 to 31 percent because wood consumes much less energy than concrete or steel construction./PRNewswire-USNewswire