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Severe security alert in Ireland: Mortar “device” found

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northern Ireland OfficeLondon/Belfast: British Secretary of State Theresa Villiers has condemned those responsible for the device, a bomb probably to target the police that was found in North Belfast during a security alert.

The devise was detected in the Brompton Park area adjacent to the Crumlin Road. There have been major security alerts acorss Northen Ireland in the recent past.
Villiers said that this reckless attack could have cost lives and serves only to disrupt and intimidate local communities.

Theresa Villiers, British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Theresa Villiers, British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

“Those responsible for this device showed a complete disregard for the safety of the community in which they live and for the lives of police officers working to make Northern Ireland a safer place,’ Villiers said in a statement on Saturday.

In an interview with a prominent British morning newspaper Vlliers expressed optimism but she also issued the firm warning that the dissident republican groups will continue to plan attacks.

The threat level is currently Severe in Northern Ireland. September 2010 onward the British Home Office has categorized three kinds of threats – Threat from international terrorism; terrorism threat related to Northern Ireland in Northern Ireland itself; and Northern Ireland linked terrorism threat in Great Britain.