Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in chicken, sprouts

Bhavya Khullar New Delhi: A study in Mumbai has detected antibiotic resistant bacteria in commonly consumed food items like raw chicken and sprouted beans. Scientists have isolated bacteria resistant to antibiotics from food products available in the market. Consumption of such items could make people resistant to drugs and make treatment of infections with antibiotics

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26/11, Ishrat, LeT, Sena Bhawan – a Pandora’s Box named Headley

Newsroom24x7 Desk Mumbai : In a recent revelation today, David Headly, who is testifying from remote cell, via video conferencing, spoke about a Shiv Sena alliance and added to his list of disclosures that have been going on since the week began, in the breezy winter month of February, this year. Headley told the court

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Countdown begins for ZEE MELT 2015

  ZEE partners with Kyoorius to launch ZEE MELT 2015, a 2-day festival of advertising, media and marketing Mumbai: ZEE MELT 2015, a festival of creativity for the advertising, media, digital and marketing industries, takes place on May 21 and 22. The 2 day Festival will be filled with seminars, exhibitions, workshops, culminating with the Kyoorius

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