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Australian cricketers land at Bhadaas Café after losing the one-dayer at Holkar stadium

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Brad Hogg

After India defeated Australia by 5-wicket at the Holkar stadium here on Sunday night (24 September 2017) to take 3-0 lead in the third one-day international and grab the paytm trophy, the Australian Cricket players were so disappointed  that they wanted to go somewhere to shake off their disappointment and that’s when somebody gave them the idea to visit Bhadaas Café.

The name Bhadaas is derived from the Hindi word “Bhadaas” which means shedding one’s anger, anguish and frustration. This Café has a special room where one can express anger by breaking different objects.

Dean Jones and Brad Hogg followed the advice and landed at Bhadaas Café with full security cover. They entered the anger room and picked the TV, Computer, Laptop and Fish Aquarium to release their anger. They took a baseball and smashed these objects to release their frustration and anger.

After breaking the objects and releasing their “Bhadaas”, the kangaroos said “now we are feeling light and composed”. They also said that they are now ready to perform their best in the remaining matches of the series.

Dean Jones

The Australian cricketers said that they had heard about the anger expression room but saw one for the first time in India. It is really a unique and innovative idea to release one’s anger, they observed adding that the ambiance of this room has been created in such a way that it not helps in releasing anger but also in taking away one’s negativity.

Atul Malikram, who runs Café Bhadaas, said that some more Australian players wanted to visit the Café, but were unable to come due to personal reasons.

On arrival, the Australian guests were received in the traditional Indian style with garlands and “aarti”. Momentos were also presented to them.

After releasing their suppressed anger players enjoyed coffee at Bhadaas café. Pleased by the treatment, the Australian players signed a bat and presented it to the café.