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NRC is being updated in Assam as per the Assam Accord: Rajnath Singh

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New Delhi: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today declared that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is being updated in Assam in accordance with the Assam Accord signed on 15 August, 1985.

In a statement, the Home Minister today said that the entire process of updating the NRC is being carried out as per directions of the Supreme Court which is constantly monitoring the process.

Singh has given the assurance that the NRC exercise is being carried out in a totally impartial, transparent and meticulous manner and will continue to be so. At every stage of the process, adequate opportunity of being heard is given to all persons. The entire process is being conducted according to law and due procedure is being followed.

He furthr said that every individual will get justice and will be treated in a humane manner. All individuals will have sufficient opportunity for all remedies available under the law.

The Government, Singh has stated, wants to make it clear that the NRC to be published on 30 July is only a draft. After draft publication, adequate opportunity for claims and objections will be available. All claims and objections will be duly examined. Adequate opportunity of being heard will be given before disposal of claims and objections. Only thereafter, final NRC will be published.

The Citizenship Rules provide that any person who is not satisfied with the outcome of claims and objections can appeal in the Foreigner’s Tribunal. Thus, there is no question of anyone being put in a detention centre after the publication of NRC, Singh has stated in categorical terms.

Further, the Home Minister has informed the public that State Government of Assam has been asked to ensure that law & order is maintained and no one is allowed to take law into their hands and all possible arrangements are made to ensure safety and security for all. There is no reason for panic or fear. No person will be allowed to be harassed. Central Govt. will provide all necessary help to the Govt. of Assam in this regard.

Potato peel turned into packaging material 

Bhavya Khullar

Tezpur University, Assam

New Delhi: Potato peel and fruit pomace, generally thrown away as waste, can be turned into packaging material for food products like bread, Indian scientists have demonstrated.

Scientists at Tezpur University in Assam have made thin biopolymer films from potato peels and fruit pomace waste to store food items. The films are 0.3 millimeters thin and can withstand temperatures as high as 200 degree Celsius. They have good breakage strength and elongation capacity. Moreover they are biodegradable and can be used to store perishable foods such as bread.

Potato peel and sweet lime pulp, collected locally, were used for the study. The peel was washed, dried and then grounded to make a fine powder. After chemical treatment, it was poured into glass petri plates and cast into thin biopolymer films. It was cross-linked using calcium chloride to increase strength. During the process, it was also treated with ultrasound waves for 60 minutes that helped to break down the polymer particles small enough to form a thin film. After this process, scientists obtained amber-colored biopolymer films.

Clove oil was added to the films to impart anti-bacterial properties so that they can be used for storing perishable food items such as bread. To test the ability of the biofilm to preserve food, bread was either kept open or wrapped in polyethylene sheet or in the new biopolymer film for 5 days. Biopolymer film prevented weight loss and microbial growth. “The film was successful in lowering the weight loss, reducing the hardness and inhibiting surface microbial load from bread sample”, say scientists who developed the new biofilm.The research results have been published in journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry.

“Although many such biofilms are available, they have to be made commercially viable”, said to Jitender Sahu, professor of food processing technologies at Indian Institute of Delhi, who was not connected with the study. Biopolymer films have the potential to replace plastics as they are renewable and biodegradable but their commercial success is limited as they are costly, prevent moisture poorly, and have low strength. However, if agricultural waste is used to make biopolymer films, the costs can be cut down significantly.

India is the third largest producer of potato in the world after China and Russia. The amount of waste is estimated to be around 12–20% of the total produce. Potato peel contains sufficient quantities of starch, cellulose, hemicellulose and fermentable sugars, which are desirable for making biopolymer films. Similarly, sweet lime peel is a source of flavonoids, pectin, and essential oils that have antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic properties, which is of use in food industry.

The research team included Purba Prasad Borah, Pulak Das, and Laxmikant S Badwaik at the Department of Food Engineering and Technology, Tezpur University in Assam. (India Science Wire)

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New Governors for Assam, Manipur and Punjab

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Najma Heptulla

New Delhi: The President today appointed three new Governors for Assam, Manipur, Punjab and the Lieutenant Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Banwarilal Purohit has been appointed as the Governor of Assam, Dr. Najma A. Heptulla as the Governor of Manipur, V.P. Singh Badnore as the Governor of Punjab and Prof. Jagdish Mukhi as the Lieutenant Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in place of Lt. Gen. (Retd.) A.K. Singh, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM.

The above appointments will take effect from the dates the incumbents assume charge of their respective offices.

14 killed, 20 injured in terrorist attack in Assam

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KokrajharKokrajhar (Assam):  In a terrorist attack by suspected NDFB(S) militants at a crowded market place in Kokrajhar district in Assam today 14 people were  killed and more than 20 others were injured.

One of the attackers was also killed in retaliatory action by security forces.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed sadness and strongly condemned the attack in Kokrajhar

“Saddened by the attack in Kokrajhar. We strongly condemn it. Thoughts and prayers with the bereaved families and those injured.

The Home Ministry is in touch with the Assam Government and is monitoring the situation closely”, the Prime Minister said.

According to Assam Director General of Police Mukesh Sahay, the attack at Balajan Tiniali market, 12 km from here, was supected to be the handiwork of National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB-S) and search operations by the security forces were on in the area.