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High levels of arsenic found in groundwater in UP

Umashankar Mishra New Delhi: A new study has found that as many as 2.34 crore people in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh are exposed to high levels of arsenic in groundwater. A total of 40 districts in the state are exposed to high concentration of arsenic in groundwater. Balia, Barabankhi, Gorakhpur, Ghazipur, Gonda, Faizabad and

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Indian scientists find how arsenic reduces immunity

Monika Kundu Srivastava New Delhi: A group of Indian scientists have figured out how exposure to arsenic reduces immunity. Arsenic’s role in disrupting body’s immune response by hindering development of thymus – gland that helps develop immunity-providing T lymphocytes or T cells– is known. A new study done by scientists from Lucknow-based Indian Institute of

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