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Visa quarantine at Karachi Lit Fest – Kher complains, Pak denies

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anupam KherNew Delhi : The Best Thing About You Is You, wrote Anupam Kher, and published his bestseller titled so. But, Pakistan differs to agree.

Case in point — After applying for a visa to Pakistan, as Kher eagerly waited for the visit to Karachi Literary Festival, the actor faced a rude rejection of the same from Pakistan. Pakistan has denied Anupam Kher visa to attend Karachi lit fest. He was an invitee to the festival and was supposed to grace the occasion as a guest. However, BJP sympathizer Anupam Kher, who has been invited by the organizers of a literary festival in Karachi as one of their guests, informed that his visa has been denied.

Out of the 18 delegates who were supposed to be visiting, and had applied for the visa — all but one have been given visas. The singled out actor, Kher, stated — I am very sad and disappointed that out of 18 participants, 17 were given visa and I was denied.

Organisers are responsible for getting the visa done for the guests, and, as the organisers informed him that his particular case of visa request got denied, Kher reacted sharply for the quarantine treatment that his particular case has received. Kher, who is an active BJP sympathizer, also happens to be the spouse of Kiron Kher, a BJP MP (Member of Parliament) from Chandigarh.

As the row brewed over visa rejection, reacting to reports, the Pakistan High Commission, however, has claimed Kher never submitted any application for the visa. Tuesday has brought in a dejection for the A Wednasday actor, who sounded enthusiastic of the invite and was eagerly looking forward to the festival.

Kher is scheduled to attend a session at the Karachi literary festival on February 5. He clarified to media that his application has been processed and duly rejected. The versatile actor Kher, stands out in the entire artist fraternity for his exemplary creativity and is remembered for his ever-appealing character roles that he has given to the glory of Cinema and theatre alltogether, plus the work that he continues to do on screen till date. An active voice at social sites, Kher is often found criticised for his strong opinion of sorts. The actor enjoys a great fan-following, and has always found eager audience from the entire Indian diaspora, all around the globe, who have been eager to lend him an ear and an eye for his creativity in work and thoughts.

World Television Premiere of ‘Super Nani’ on Zee Cinema- A classic comedy on womanhood

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Super NaniMumbai: Zee Cinema will present the World Television Premier of Super Nani, starring gorgeous and timeless diva Rekha in the title role in, on April 11, at 9 p.m.

Super Nani is a family entertainer by Indra Kumar. It is a social satire that follows the life of a lovely grandmother transforming herself to gain her lost respect within her own family.

The film also stars yesteryear hero Randhir Kapoor and features Sharman Joshi and Anupam Kher in key roles. Based on a Gujarati play ‘Baa AeMaari Boundary’, the movie is centered on a doting, committed housewife Bharti (Rekha) whose selfish husband (Randhir Kapoor) and grown-up children treat her only as a doormat, her life alters when her New York raised grandson Mann (Sharman Joshi) urges her to reinvent herself to regain her confidence and self-esteem. With this new-found support, Bharti channelises the fashion-model in her. One must see the film to know whether or not Bharti’s family will accept her in this new avatar?

High on comic quotient, Super Nani is a wonderful story that not only entertains but also helps in realizing the importance of women in our lives. It is a universal story and an ode to womanhood. Being a homemaker is challenging for any woman yet she remains the most unappreciated even when it comes to he own family. The film highlights the fact that women are the backbone and that they need to be valued and loved. – Ruchir Tiwari, Deputy Business Head, Hindi Movie Channels, ZEEL

Tune-in to Zee Cinema to catch the World Television Premiere of Super Nani this Saturday, 11th April at 9 PM and the repeat telecast on the next day on 12th April at 12 noon!