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Government of India postings this week

Newsroom24x7 Network New Delhi: About two dozen IAS and all India service officers received new transfer and posting orders from Government of India during the official week ending Friday (29 September 2017). The GoI posting orders are as follows: 1. 28/09/2017 Jaipal Singh , Indian Forest Service , GJ , 1991 Click For Details 2. 27/09/2017 Asha Ram

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Young officers from All India Services talk of declining values in a section of the media

BHOPAL: Several officers from the All India Services, attending the 91st Foundation Course at the Academy of Administration here, were in agreement in pointing out how a big section of the media is now resorting to extortion, black mail, sensational reporting, and thriving on paid news and political patronage geared to serve the vested interests.

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7 officers empanelled for appointment as Joint Secretary at Centre

Newsroom24x7 Desk New Delhi, Jan. 21: P.C.Mody and Meeta Nambiar, both officers of Indian Revenue Service (1982) have been empanelled for appointment to the post of Joint Secretary or equivalent at the Centre. V.M. Arora,Indian Forest Service (UP: 1985) has also been empanelled for appointment as Joint Secretary or equivalent at the Centre. Besides four

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