Spiritual Mission for Peace and Harmony


The Indian diaspora living in different parts of the World – those who follow the Sanatan Dharma – will be serving the cause of their future generations and the larger good of the people by following the path shown by Guru Lalitendra






Spiritual Motivation & Social Cause

Sanatan Dharma is the sum of all knowledge, traditions and beliefs rooted in the Indian subcontinent since the beginning of time. It is not an ism obtained from any subject but is the object of knowledge that cannot be understood in totality or mastered in a lifetime.
With a small “Guru Dakshina” (offering to the Guru), You become one with Guru Lalitendra and his teaming followers who are working devotedly to meet the spiritual, educational and social service goals. The Guru is spreading the message of Sanatan Dharma for the cause of World Peace, Glory and Happiness of Humankind.



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