Pushpraj Singh on Bandhavgarh

National Geographic documentary

Pushraj Singh speaks about the splendor and history of one of the best tiger habitats in the world 

“The history of Bandhavgarh goes back to 1968 because before that the rulers were having their private hunting ground and they were hunting either for the counts or for their hobby. But here was this ruler Maharaja Martand Singh of Rewa, who went to the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi and asked her to make his private hunting ground into a wildlife National Park and that was the birth of the national park called Bandhavgarh National Park.

The most prominent feature of this park probably is the plateau and it ranks among the eight natural forts of the country. It is a place that was a shelter to the Buddhist monks, the pilgrims and they the caves built in the first century AD. Later it was the Kalchuri, who came and occupied this fort and gave an unique contribution of all the Dashavtar of Vishnu, among which one of the most loveliest place is Shesh Sai, which is a 32 feet lying Vishnu.

Today this park has risen up to 1168 sq kilometer and is part of the project Tiger of India. This Park today can easily be termed as one of the best habitats for the tiger. It is during the winters when he requires sunlight. You have the stones and the hillocks and the rocks. When you need in the summers the comfort of coolness, the tigers’ got water, lovely grassland. Thus its an all season best available climate for the tiger.

I am sure that the tiger is still considered to be the safest in Bandhavgarh. Even the relationship between the tribal and the tiger and the conflict between the tiger and the human beings is at its minimum level.”