Profile of the authors

Meghna Yadav is the Head of Training and Development at KLAY schools and a developmental psychologist who is working with children and families from the last two decades in countries like India, USA, Australia and Singapore. She is also a certified Child Psychologist and Family counsellor.

Johan Storgard is the Owner, CEO and the Chairman of the board of Finland International Education, an operation started in 2016 with establishing a structure for exporting Finnish high-quality Childhood Education and Care to operators in the business abroad. The success soon created a need to further development of a Mother Company Brand with the name of Finland International Education. Due to his international experiences, knowledge and research in the field of  sales, marketing negotiations and creativity as well as lingual capabilities he has been handling the Global  Marketing and sales in the company. Johan has a PhD from the Åbo Akademi University in Business and International Marketing. He has also done a Leadership and Business Development Training Program FRAM from the PBI Research Institute & PI Europe in 2011.