Escape plan mobile phones siezed, Jail officials suspended

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mobiles phones in jailMuzafarnagar: Mobiles stealthily entered the district jail premises here and began circulating among wannabe runaway criminals. More than 9 mobile handsets were doing the rounds and criminals gleefully began strategising their escape plan. All this was possible due to friendly advances extended by jail officials who facilitated their support system to these criminals.
Police, after it was tipped off about the mobile phones with the prison inmates, swung into action and seized the handsets from a number of criminals lodged in the jail.
Jailer A. K. Singh and Deputy Jailer Jitendra Kashyap of the district jail have been suspended for dereliction of duty following seizure of mobile phones from the jail premises.

Modi, OROP and RSS

Shitanshu Shekhar Shukla

Shitanshu Shekhar Shukla2
Shitanshu Shekhar Shukla

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarification on OROP appears to be goaded by RSS pressure day before yesterday. A wise step. It was clear only Modi could have overruled Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The nuances can wait but battle of perception had to be won.

Whether Satbir Singh, who has led the veteran’s strike, returns to Jantar Mantar or not, Modi has checked the losing opinion even among the veterans. Some even jumped in joy. BJP almost had lost its nationalist credentials. Modi saved the blushes just in nick of time.

But the irony, the Prime Minister needs RSS’ field report for corrective measures. Strange that the govt despite good show is being seen first as anti-farmer and now anti-soldier.

Bobbie Jamwal
Bobbie Jamwal

Updated: Sep 7, 2015 @ 07:33 ↓

Bobbie Jamwal, well known InfoTech, Infrastructure, Eco-Technologies, HealthCare and Aviation consultant from Delhi responded to this column by Shitanshu Shekhar Shukla by observing; ” Thank God better sense prevailed and the RSS had to intervene.”

The righteous Indian soldier would not have forgiven this country’s rulers for treating them like the way they did in these past 40 years and particularly in the last 80 days of ‘Dharna,’ not heard of anywhere in the world that a Veteran who served his country well had to go on a hunger strike for his dues and parity. They are honorable men and deserve a hearing with respect, observes Jamwal



Jammu police busts inter-state fake currency racket

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Jammu : Jammu police has busted an inter-state fake currency exchange nexus and nabbed two persons with fake currency of Rs.1,88,000 in their possession.

The two persons have been identified as Shabbir Ahmed from Anantnag and Hassikul from West Bengal. Both were running a racket between states of J and K and West Bengal and have been duping people in this inter-state nexus of fraud and cheating. Police set a trap and caught them red handed in Sunjwan area of Jammu.

Both criminals have been arrested and detained at Bahu fort police station under charges of cheating and fraudulent practices

PM clarifies stand on One Rank One Pension issue

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Prime Minister Narendra ModiNew Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today cleared the doubts on the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue and declared that the defence veterans who who retired prematurely will be entitled to OROP.

The Prime Minister made this announcement at a rally he addressed in Faridabad on Sunday – a day after Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar announced the Government’s decision to implement the OROP scheme and said that the veterans who took voluntary retirement would not be covered under this scheme.

The Prime Minister pulled up the Congress and said that justice has been done with regard to the ex-servicemen’s demand for OROP pending for more than 40 years

The veterans sitting on strike at Jantar Mantar here have welcomed the Government’s decision on OROP but rejected the provision to keep the veterans, who retire voluntarily, out of the ambit of the scheme and announced that their protest would continue.

In the meanwhile, Major General (retired) Satbir Singh told reporters that their strike would continue if the Government failed to accept their four-point demands, including equalisation of pension.


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