Over 500 entries are competing for 23 awards in 2016!

120+ preliminary judges screened more than 2,100 hours to select the finalists

Final Jury

Julie Ann Crommett
Entertainment Industry Educator in Chief, Google
Julie Ann Crommett is the Entertainment Industry Educator in Chief at Google. Prior to this position, she was in charge of diversity initiatives at NBC Universal. She is also on the boards of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), Women in Animation (WIA), and the Barbie Global Advisory Council. She won ADCOLOR’s 2015 Innovator Award, and Univision named her one of “7 Latinos to Look Out for in 2016.”

Bob Hirshon
Program Director, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Bob Hirshon is Program Director for Technology and Learning at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and host of the daily radio show and podcast Science Update. He oversees a variety of science education programs, including Science NetLinks, Active Explorer and the family of Kinetic City programs, including the Peabody Award-winning Kinetic City Super Crew radio series.

Lynn Hirshfield
Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Participant Media
Lynn Hirshfield is Participant Media’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances. She joined Participant Media in September 2005 and is responsible for leading the development of strategic partnerships, integrating these partners into social action and advocacy campaigns across all of the company’s platforms, including the film divisions, Takepart.com and Pivot TV. Lynn is also responsible for launching Participant’s publishing division to complement the company’s films and social action campaigns.

Brian Leith
Executive Producer and the Creative Director of Brian Leith Productions
Brian is an Executive Producer and the Creative Director of Brian Leith Productions, a small wildlife production company based in Bristol, UK. He specializes in ‘man and nature’ films, and worked for many years in the BBC Natural History Unit – as an executive producer of major landmark series and productions for the BBC (including Human Planet, Nature’s Great Events, Wild China, Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life – (with David Attenborough), often co-produced with major US and European broadcasters (Discovery, Animal Planet, CBC, Terra Mater).

International Panel of Judges

Lauren Amable
Caitlin Bailey
JoDee Baker
Sam Barton
Eric Bendick
Atreyee Bhattacharya
Sarah Budello
Yavuz Cakir
Angelo Campanella
Roy Campbell
Katie Carpenter
Stella Cha
Christina Choate
Victoria Clowater
Shoshana Cohen
Matt Cole
Rocky Collins
Carolyn Collins Petersen
Maryanne Culpepper
Nathan Dappen
Roslyn Dauber
Len Dickter
Robin Doty
Alain Douchinsky
Stacey Douglas
Laetitia Doyle
Maya Drake
John Dutton
David Elkins
Alexa Elliot
Kerry Evers
Stephen Fairchild
Carol Fleischer
Mark Fletcher
Alan Franks
Jorge Franzini
Peng Gao
Sam Gaty
Zuzana Gedeon
Eleanor Grant
Grant Graves
Ali Grossman
Meng Guo
Adrienne Hall
Martin Hammond
Keene Haywood
Julia Heinrich
Jeremy Hogarth
Denis Jensen
Daniele Joerg
Ben Jones
Bethany Latham
Melinda Levin
Joseph Levine
Brad Lisle
Neil Losin
Justin Lotak
Trinity Ludlow
Virginia Lynch Dean
Laurene Mansuy
Erica Martin
Karen Martin-Stone
Kevin Marvel
Cathy McConnell
Scott Meddaugh
James Metcalf
Mark Miller
Laurent Mini
Erick Montgomery
John Mora
Alexandra Moss
David Murdock
Rob Nelson
Dusty Nichols
Mary Nucci
Liz O’Connell
Larry O’Reilly
Jules Oldroyd
Daniella Ortega
Michael Parfit
Rosh Patel
Sai Pathmanathan
Jim Peck
Karen Perry
Ingrid Pfau
Julianna Photopoulos
Kurt Przybilla
Harry Rabin
Kate Raisz
Cari Ritzenthaler
Cherie Rivers
Joseph Rivers
Sarah Robertson
Jason Roehrig
Janet Rose
Gaelin Rosenwaks
Hans Rosenwinkel
John Rubin
Melissa Salpietra
Michael Sanderson
Annette Scheurich
Lalit Shastri
Paul Sher
Liz Smith
Susannah Smith
Akanksha Sood Singh
David Statt
Marvin Stodolsky
Soames Summerhays
James Swan
Jeremy Tuttle
Caroline Underwood
Thomas Veltre
Elizabeth Volkmann
Elizabeth Wilk
Jo Young
Steven Zorn