Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

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New Delhi: There was total disruption and blockade of proceedings by the Opposition in both Houses of Parliament on the first day of the monsoon session.


Opposition created a ruckus and blocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi from introducing the newly inducted Union ministers.

In the midst of pandemonium, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla tried repeatedly to maintain decorum and was forced to adjourn the House after about 40 minutes till 2 pm.

When the House resumed session, the newly elected members – Maddila Gurumoorthy (YSR Congress), Mangal Suresh Angadi (BJP), M P Abdussamad Samadani (IUML), Vijayakumar (Congress) – took oath. After this the PM gor up to introduce the newly inducted ministers but the opposition members began shouting slogans and once again disrupted the proceedings.

The proceedings of the Rajya Sabha were also adjourned for the day on Monday amid Opposition ruckus over several issues.

The basis of all the chaos, pendemonium and protest by the Opposition was a sensational story with sweeping allegations was published by a web portal Sunday night on the eve of monsoon session of Parliament. This can’t be a coincidence, IT Minister, said Ashwini Vaishnaw said in LS on the ‘Pegasus Project’ around which the sensational story revolves.

Senior BJP leader and former IT Minister Ravishankar Prasad reacted to what the Opposition did in Parliament on Monday by stating: “Why these kinds of questions are raised at the time of important events? Riots were incited during Trump’s visit, Pegasus story was circulated during 2019 polls & again it’s in the news when Parliament is in session & when Congress is in a very bad situation.”

Monsoon session will set new parameters of development in the country: Amit Shah

Reacting strongly to the Opposition tactic to stall the proceedings of both Houses of Parliament, said in a statemjent:

The Monsoon session of India’s Parliament began on Monday 19 July and the entire nation witnessed the developments. To malign the democracy of the country comes a report late last evening, just before the monsoon session, which is spread by some sections with only one objective on how to derail India’s development journey and follow its old narrative. Whatever has to be done to humiliate India at the international level.

There are many expectations of the countrymen associated with this monsoon session. Many important Bills for the welfare of farmers, youth, women and poor and deprived sections of the society are ready for meaningful debate and discussion in the House. Even before the all-party meeting on Sunday and the proceedings of the House this morning, the Prime Minister himself assured the leaders of all the opposition parties that the government is ready to discuss all the matters in the House.

Just a few days ago, the Union Council of Ministers was expanded by the Prime Minister, in which special representation was given to the members of every section of the society, especially women, farmers, dalit and backward classes from every corner of the country. But, there are some such anti-national forces that are not able to digest the respect given by Modi ji to women and backward and deprived sections of the society. These are the same people who constantly try to hinder the progress of the country. In such a situation, question arises that on whose behest are these people working to tarnish the image of India? What pleasure do they get in bringing India down again and again? It is neither unexpected nor surprising to see the Congress, which has lost its support and political importance, jump into it. Congress has good experience of crushing democracy. The Congress itself is struggling with internal strife, a barrier to democracy and development, so it is making every effort to derail any progressive work in the Parliament.

On Monday, when the Prime Minister got up to introduce his new Council of Ministers in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, which is an old and rich tradition of Parliament, the leaders of the opposition led by the Congress came to the well of both the houses and disrupted the proceedings of the House. Do they have to do this to our democracy’s temple and its dignity? Theycontinued this behavior even when the Minister of Information and Broadcasting came to speak on the issue.

Shah said that he wants to say seriously – the time of the leak of this so-called report and then the disruption of proceedings in Parliament… you understand the chronology!

This report is like an obstacle in the development of India brought out by the detractors of India’s development. There are some disruptive global organizations that do not like India’s progress. These detractors are those political conspirators of India who do not want India to progress and become self-reliant. The people of India understand this chronology and relationship very well.

I want to assure the people of the country that the priority of the Modi government is clear – ‘National Welfare’ and we will continue to work for its accomplishment no matter what the obstacles may be.


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