July 27, 2021

1 thought on “Nation needs brilliant minds to solve last minute problems

  1. If you take a broad view, besides scientific institutions, every other institution – whether the IAS, and other all India services, the portals of education, judiciary…you just name them, they are mostly packed with people who are anything but brilliant. Of course, there are few, very few defying the prevailing order and are epitome of honesty and purpose. They deserve full respect and honour. I think we as a nation should decide and take the call – enough is enough…we should break the system where we begin by placing a premium on those who excell in cramming and then upon induction thrive on under-performance and do little or nothing against corruption. Live off deceit, bootlicking and bending every which way in front of their equally unworthy bosses. The nation needs, innovative and brilliant minds in every sphere. Reward merit and brilliance or else get washed away by global competition…the message is loud and clear.

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