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Downstream 4.0 Summit Taking Place in Milan, Italy and Virtually on 28-29 Oct 2021


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The Downstream 4.0 Summit aims to bring the traditional downstream sector towards 2050 and beyond by embracing, adopting and deploying new energy transition trends with technology and production developments.

Milan, Italy: The Summit will provide a platform for senior industry representatives, allowing them to get a deep understanding of the upcoming climate neutrality goals, decarbonisation trends and their impact on refining operations and the industry as a whole. By an in depth analysis of the emissions targets, new market demands, technology solutions and refinery conversions already in place, as well as in progress, the Summit will bring the industry learnings into the 21st century.


Case studies, panel discussions and sessions purely based on industry research, aim to combine and comprehend the already existing knowledge with the industry’s vision of the future.

The event will count on 25+ expert speakers from well-known organisations like Exxon, IMO, European Commission, Petrobras, BP, Cepsa, ENI and many more.

Key topics

  • Climate Neutrality Regulations and Targets Impacting on Downstream Operations
  • Refineries Strategy Towards Zero Emission Objective
  • Debating the Future of Refining Industry as a Whole
  • Major Technology Advancements
  • Examples of Global Refining Activities and Future Strategy Plans

Either virtually or by joining in Milan, once can attend the Downstream 4.0 Summit for two days of strategic discussion on the future of Downstream Refining industry, meeting new market demands, updates on already established technology solutions and new projects in progress.

For more information please downstream4-0.com.



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