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COVID19 and Global Knowledge Alliance: A virtual University inspired by excellence and innovation


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COVID19 and the worldwide lockdown and quarantine directives to contain the pandemic have sent the entire world in a spin. Just as economies, even people’s career prospects are in the doldrums under the prevailing circumstances. Even students are facing tremendous uncertainty. The Indian students in US now fear deportation due to new rules to ensure Students on F-1 or M-1 visas, whose classes in the upcoming semester are fully online, will not be allowed to stay in the US. The universities and educational institutes across the world have gone rather blank and do not know whether or not they will be able to attract enough students to meet their new admission targets.


It is in this backdrop that the Global Knowledge Alliance Virtual University, based in Australia and having a network of partners in different parts of the world has launched online Undergraduate, Post-graduate and certification courses covering a wide spectrum.

GKA Virtual University has entered the public domain with the adage “Inspired By Excellence & Innovation”. The letter and spirit of this motto is symbolised by the strategic partnership between GKA Virtual University and Association of Universities of Asia Pacific (AUAP), Global Knowledge Alliance Institute of Media & Journalism, Occidental Studies Institute (OSI), Global Institute for IT Management (GIIM), Indo-Euro Synchronization, APS GmbH, Innova Sierra of Australia and Clarion Analytics.

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