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Habibganj Railway Station renamed after tribal queen Rani Kamlapati

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Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Government has written to the Centre to rename Bhopal’s Habibganj railway station after the tribal queen, Rani Kamlapati

Madhya Pradesh Government
Transport Department
Vallabh Bhavan, Bhopal

क्र 3651/2164/2021/आठ

Bhopal, dated 12/11/2021

Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
New Delhi

Sub: Regarding the renaming of Habibganj Railway station as Rani Kamalapati railway station.

With refeference to the above subject it is stated that the Government of India has redeveloped the Habibganj Railway Station in Bhopal at a cost of Rs. 100 crore. This project will be dedicated to the people by the Prime Minister on 15 November 2021.

It is noteworthy that the Government of India has decided to celebrate 15th November – the birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda as”Tribal Pride Day” and notification in this regard has been issued.

In the 16th Century, the Bhopal region was ruled by the Gond rulers. It is believed that at that time Gond King Suraj Singh Shah’s son Nizamshah was married to the tribal queen Kamalapati who had spent her whole life fighting invaders with valour and bravery.

To keep the memory of the Gond Queen Kamalapati alive and to be grateful for her sacrifice, it has been decided to rename Habibganj Railway Station as Rani Kamlapati Railway Station on the occasion of the “Tribal Pride Day” on 15 November 2020.

It is requested to take immediate action to rename the Habibganj Railway Station as Rani Kamlapati Railway Station.

Vandana Sharma
Deputy Secretary
Transport Department
Govenment of Madhya Pradesh

Copy to Chaiman Railway Board, fo necessary action

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Raging inferno at Kamala Nehru Hospital in Bhopal: Who will book the real culprits

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The raging inferno that engulfed the new-born care unit at Bhopal’s Kamala Nehru Hospital on Monday night (8 November 2021) has extinguished many lives. The parents and the families of the babies who were charred to death have been devastated. No amount of condolence messages or ex-gratia relief from the government’s side will deliver them justice or fill the void that’s been created by those who had abdicated their responsibility at the top echelon of the government and whose job it was to ensure the field authorities were held accountable for not conducting the fire audit even once and operating a hospital facility. The tragedy is everyone is talking of fire audit now after many parents have lost their new-born babies. It is a travesty of circumstances that the government needed such a disastrous fire incident to shake up it’s sensibilities. 

After the fire incident at the Kamala Nehru Hospital, the government has removed Jiten Shukla, Dean Gandhi Medical College, Dr. Lokendra Dave Superintendent of Hamidia Hospital, and Dr KK Dubey, Director of Kamala Nehru Hospital from their posts. Deputy Engineer, CPA Electrical Wing Awadhesh Bhadauria has been suspended.

Question arises what about the senior officers at the top supervisory level, who are supposed to regularly conduct inspections, and write the confidential reports of the officers at the cutting edge on the basis of their performance? The buck should stop at their level and more heads should roll. What about those occupying positions of power in the State Secretariat and the Medical and Health Administration, whose job it was to ensure the law, standard rules and procedures were not being compromised? What about the enforcement of the Building Bye-Laws that are legal tools and are mandatory in nature and serve to protect buildings against fire and other hazards. Was there corruption in procurement and purchase of building material and what about the standard and quality of material used for electricity and other fittings – especially MCBs (miniature circuit breakers) that often lead to short circuits if they are of poor quality? Also- what about the current status of other hospitals – both in the State capital and in other cities of Madhya Pradesh. These are questions that will have to be answered.

Only the other day, the Ansal Brothers were sentenced 7 years in jail and a fine of Rs. 2.25 crore each for tampering with evidence linked with New Delhi’s Uphaar Cinema fire tragedy.

To ensure such incidents do not repeat, a case of criminal negligence should be registered and there should be a thorough and fair investigation. For the sake of fair inquiry, officers down the line should be removed without wasting time.

Kamla Nehru Hospital is part of the State capital’s main referral Hamidia Hospital and is located inside the Gandhi Medical College Campus.

Jabalpur High Court direction for conduct of Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industry election

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Jabalpur: The Jabalpur High Court on Tuesday 9 November issued order in the interest of justice directing the 3  newly appointed Assistants to Secretary Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industry to conduct in place of the Secretary/Returning Officer the  Chambers’ election. The newly appointed  assistants are Aakash  Telang,  Rohit  Shroti and Anshul  Agrawal, all advocates. 

The order comes in response to a petition by Lalit Jain, the outgoing President of Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He had filed  a review  petition in the High Court making a  prayer  to  recall  the order  of  8 October 2021  passed  in  W.P.  No.19501/2021 for holding the election to elect the new executive body of Bhopal Chambers.of Commerce and Industry on 14 November.

The petitioner submitted  before the single Judge High Court Bench of Justice Vishal Chahat that  direction  was  given by the High Court to  respondent  No.4  (Secretary) to  conduct  election  of Bhopal  Chambers  of  Commerce  and  Industries  strictly  following  COVID-19 protocol.  The petitioner submitted  that  respondent  No.4 – Mukesh  Sen – who was  Secretary  and  Election  Officer  of  Bhopal  Chambers  of  Commerce, was  impleaded  in  private  capacity  and  in  official  capacity. It  was also brought to the notice of the High Court by  counsel  for  Lalit Jain that  respondent  Mukesh Sen  had resigned.  However,  this was contradicted by the counsel appearing for the respondent and the Court was told that he had been forced  to  resign and that he has filed an FIR in this regard. The Court was informed  that  he  did  not  resign voluntarily.  

Qasim Ali, Counsel  appearing  for the petitioner submitted  that  since  direction  had been given  to  the Secretary/Returning Officer and  since  has  resigned, the  order of 8 October 2021  may  be  modified  and  direction  be  given  that  secretary  may be  appointed  so  that  election  could  be  conducted  fairly  and  smoothly. 

Ajay Gupta, the Counsel  appearing  for  respondents, who were  petitioners  in  the original writ  petition, submitted  that  review  petition  is  only  filed  to delay  the  election.  New  secretary  is  to  be  appointed  by  petitioner  i.e. president  which  wil  take  time.  Review  Petition only has been  filed  to  delay  the election  process.  It  was also submitted  that  part  of  election  process  is  already complete  and  now  only  voting  and  counting  is  to  be  done and that the petitioner deliberately  wants  to  delay  the  election  process.  
The Court was informed that three  assistants have already been appointed with majority decision of contesting candidates to  help  the  secretary  and for conduct  of  election  as  per  Bye-laws    No.2  of  the  year  1952  during meeting held on  23 October 2021. Therefore,  it was submitted, in  the absence  of  secretary,  these assistants  can  go  ahead  and  conduct the  election.  

Counsel  appearing  for  petitioner  submitted  that  if  direction  to  Mukesh Sen  is  modified  and  three  assistants  is  directed  to  complete  the  process  of election  then  he  has  no  objection.  It  was further submitted  that  petitioner  does not  want  to  delay  the  election. 

The HC order says that the  petitioner is expected to  cooperate  in  fair  and  smooth  conduct  of election.

Jabalpur High Court quashes the Government order to stay the election process of Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industries

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Competent authority asked to conduct the election expeditiously

Jabalpur: Madhya Pradesh High Court on Friday 8 October 2021 quashed the 25 August order of of the SDO Bhopal staying the election process of Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industries (BCCI) and ordered the competent authority to conduct the election “expeditiously strictly following Covid-19 protocol”.

The order has been isued by Justice Vishal Dhagat in response to a writ petition by Krishna Gopal Gattani and othres. The Madhya Pradesh Government, Bhopal district collector, Lalit Jain, President Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industries and Mukesh Sen, Secretary Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industry were respondents in this case.

Through the petition, the High Court was informed that some people were active and they were trying to delay, defer and cancel the election process of BCCI. Further, the petition said that 99-100 persons filed W.P. No. 16436/2021 before the High Court of Madhya Pradesh at Jabalpur which was dismissed on 26 August 2021. The Election Officer and office bearers of BCCI had assured the authorities that all the guidelines and protocols of Covid-19 shall be followed and that there would be no flouting or violation of the protocols in any manner at the election site. However at the instance of some persons who wanted to defer the elections, the District Collector stayed the of voting schedued on 29 August 2021.

The case was heard hrough video conferencing. Senior advocate Ajay Gupta was the petitioner’s counsel in this case.

The Petitioner had filed the petition for quashing the order of 25 August 2021 issued by the respondent No.2 District Collector, Bhopal staying the election process of Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

The Counsel appearing for the petitioners submitted that election was to be conducted on 29 August 2021 and it was stayed by order of S.D.O. on ground that a lot of people will congregate at place of election for voting, which will be against Covid-19 protocol and thus, Secretary/Election Officer
was directed to maintain status quo.

The Counsel appearing for the petitioners submitted that election of other institutions are taking place, schools and colleges are open, Courts are functioning by hybrid mode and physical appearances are being allowed in Courts, markets are also open and there is no lockdown. It was submitted that petitioners will take care of Covid protocol and they will not violate any of the guidelines issued in respect of Covid-19 protocol. It was also submitted that respondent No.4 (Mukesh Sen, Secretary/election officer, Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industry) be directed to conduct the elections strictly following Covid-19 protocol.

Panel Lawyer appearing for the State opposed the writ petition. He submitted that there were possibilities of violation of protocol of Covid 19, therefore, S.D.O. had passed the order staying the election.

Considering the facts and circumstances of the case and also the Covid-19 situation in the State, the High Court issued the order quashing the Bhopal district order staying the election process of Bhopal Chambers of Commerce and Industries.